Not able to breathe while lying down on bed in any position

Hi there, My dad had pacemaker implantation one month before and after that he started shortness of breath when we was lying on bed in any position. We had xray , blood test and ecg and all looks normal. Doctor says its after effect of pcemaker and asking us not to think too much and try to ignore and it will go awa with time. I just wanted to take your opinion as well on this one, any suggestion will be really helpful. Thanks



You *HAVE* to be kidding!

by AgentX86 - 2021-06-14 00:58:01

"Not to think about SOB?"  Fire the doctor and find one who didn't go graduate from CrackerJax U.  SOB is NOT an after-effect of a PM.  An untuned PM may caus SOB, if so fix it!   

I certainly wouldn't put up with that answer without a damned good explanation. There's something we're missing here.  There has to be.


Not able to breathe on lying down ?

by Gemita - 2021-06-14 05:46:56

Nehab, I note your account has not been activated and no details of your father's history given.  If this is a serious, genuine question, then may I suggest that you take your Dad to the nearest emergency room where he could lie on a bed in any position to trigger the breathing distress and help the emergency doctors to make a diagnosis.  This would seem more sensible than asking for advice here.

I am assuming your Dad is not suffering from heart failure since that could make breathing more difficult on lying down, but in all honesty I cannot believe a sensible doctor would ever say you should ignore breathing distress on lying down, can you?  

I see your father has had a few investigations.  Perhaps you should ask for a sleep study to check what is happening at night when your Dad lies down to sleep.  Sleep apnea can certainly cause breathing distress.  In the meantime I suggest your Dad sleeps in a recliner chair until further investigations can be carried out.

If this is a genuine post, then I wish you and your father well

Breathing issue while lying flat or any position

by NehaB - 2021-06-14 10:13:38

Thanks so much for your suggestions πŸ™πŸ» 
I just createf this profile yeserday night when I founf this forum, sorry need to update it and activate it.

my father had by pass surgery due to hear failure on 31 Dec 2021. He was kind of ok and recovering well but again he had episodes of bradycardia in May 2021. Then he was admitted he had all the tests , 24 hrs sleep monitoring as well and then doctors implanted him dual chamber pacemaker. After surgery he hd lighheadedness for a month and it was all gone away on its own . Also , he is having stressed breathing when he is lying down on bed in any position. Them he had to breather in 2-3 breath woth stress or mouth open and he is all fine. But if he is sleeping even lying flat he does not feel this stress breathing, we cosulted doctors and they suggested it happes to some of the patients and should go away like lighheadedness. They have done all the test and everything seems fine . Its really frustating for us as we never had this issue before.

Laying down and not breathing

by Roger A - 2021-06-15 22:57:45

Also it could be that your father is retaining water and that causes him to not breath, I had gone through this myself and ended up in the ER twice until they figured out that I am retaining water and they gave me a Lasix to help drain the fluids. You may also want to get your father a triangular pillow, that way he sleeps prompted up a bit and that will help with breathing.

But for sure I agree with AgentX86, fire that doctor and get him soomeone that wants to help him.

Still the same issue .. on and off

by NehaB - 2021-06-16 21:04:06

Thank you all for all your suggestions!

my dad was kind of feeling better from past two days until tonight. He was not feeling sleepy at night at all , so thats why he felt this problem again at regular intervals. He is feeling very helpless. I do want to mention few points:

1) this problem is on and off , somedays he feels so better he did not have this issue at all whole day and night.

2) this problem is mainly at night.

3) he feels difficulty in breathing while lying on bed, the moment he staands or sits down ... this goes away.

4) this never happens when he is active.

5) we mainly finds it more frustating on nights when he is not sleepy. May be he thinks too much 

6) x ray , blood test and ecg all normal , we took second opinion on those as well. 

7 ) he has this feeling for 4-5 seconds and it went away. If he gets a good sleep hebdoes jot feel this problem even after lying down.

My dad is in India and due to covid we dont really wanted to visit hospitals ( its really bad state there) , but today again we have appointment booked with our cardiologist to discuss. I ammreallt worried and it feels pathetic to see my dad going through all this. If anyone can suggest something based on your experience it will be great helpπŸ™πŸ»

Due to pulse regulation medicine

by NehaB - 2021-06-18 17:28:10

Hi all, we tried and figured out breathing issue may be due to ivarbrad 5mg , so we  just stopped taking this medicine yesterday and there seems improvement.

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