Security body camera

Can anyone help, I've tried to contact the manufacturers regarding work issued security body camera worn around neck and if it's safe with a pacemaker, but no luck, work has tried to find out too but no luck. Understandable the pacemaker tech dept UK is very busy at the moment. 

Has anyone any experience with  Edesix body cameras. Cheers everyone 


Power problems

by Theknotguy - 2021-06-15 10:46:40

I get so frustrated because everyone is so fearful of being sued, especially in the USA. They refuse to answer questions because there may be some fluke of nature and the person may have a lawyer who can make a case over nothing.  If nothing else, the hassle alone that a lawsuit can cause makes people shy away regardless of the possible outcome.  Ah well.  

I've written on this forum before where I was working in the wood shop, was using a larger electric drill, and was using my shoulder to push the drill into the wood.  What I forgot was my pacemaker was lying on top of a fully running 110 volt power drill.  After drilling about 100 holes, I finally figured out I probably shouldn't be doing that.  Up to that point, I hadn't had any  problems.  No dizziness, not short of breath, no hiccup from my pacemaker because it way lying on top of a 110 volt power drill running at top speed.  All of the literature about pacemakers, doctor's warnings, manufacturer's warnings, and the like said I  shouldn't do that because it would cause a problem with my pacemaker.  So I have to reach the conclusion the pacemaker is better shielded than we think.  And my pacemaker is now almost seven years old, so if you have a newer pacemaker I feel yours is better shielded or equivalent to the shielding mine has.  

I've also written on this forum where I was volunteering at a 1300 bed hospital that had metal detectors through which you had to pass to get into the emergency room waiting area.  As part of my job I had to wheel patients through the metal detectors several times a day.  Never had one problem with my pacemaker.  Also had to go through a metal detector at the local State Fair and never had any problems with my pacemaker there either.  

I feel the security body camera wouldn't generate anywhere near the EMF the power drill or the metal detectors did, and since the security camera isn't directly over the pacemaker I don't feel it should be an issue.  Hopefully this will give you an answer to your question.  

should be fine!

by Tracey_E - 2021-06-15 11:00:52

Strong magnets are the only thing we need to be wary of. Magnets won't hurt us, worst thing they can do is put us in test mode until we get away from it. It's highly unlikely a camera has anything that can cause a problem.

Like knotguy, I've done just about everything on the list of things we aren't supposed to do and never had a problem. When I got my first ipad it had a magnetic case. I took it along to a pacer check and we actively tried to get it to interfere with the pacer, it never did. I've ridden roller coasters, toured power plants, run a generator, jump started cars. Pacer kept on pacing!


by dwelch - 2021-06-22 08:19:50

I cant possibly see what could be a problem for that camera, other than you happen to wear it right over the device and fall down and land on the camera first...tear up your skin but not the device.   

Seriously though, no worries whatsoever, unless it has a very strong (like much much much stronger than a fridge magnet to mount the thing on metal), and then just keep it away from the device like center of chest. or other side.  (or get a different one).

Body camera

by Cindy123456 - 2021-07-07 14:56:35

Hi all thank you for your replies. My pacemaker is 14yrs old, was given a 10yr life span so you can understand my concerns. I'll keep trying to get hold of my pacemaker clinic.

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