Shortness of breath and hard heart pounding?

Hello everyone, I had a pacemaker operation for av block of 3rd degree the 16 of June, its been 5 days since then, I have been suffering from weird sensations, when I am laid down I feel like I need to take deep fast breaths and feeling breathless, then when I get up my heart and chest feels like there is something heavy on it, then it subsides after some seconds and comes back sporadically, I have a strong pulse when that happens and I can feel it in my throat. My vitals are all normal and I never went below 50 on heart rate which is the limit my dr put. Could it still be a lead dislogement? My arterial pressure is good, oxygen and heart rate too. 


Speak to your doctors

by Gemita - 2021-06-21 08:23:15


With any breathing distress and chest discomfort (particularly if these are new symptoms) I would recommend you speak to your doctors for guidance, and the sooner the better, particularly since your implant is so recent.

I wish you well

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