Thank you for answering my message yesterday for help

To Rusby/Jessie and Johng

Many thanks for answering my request yesterday re please could someone give me advice.
After reading your messages my wife felt more happier and we have managed to enjoy a day out today.

ps 5pm in Cheshires England

Wishes you all good health and good luck



by jessie - 2007-07-09 02:07:14

so glad. just hang in there so to speak. we are having one of the worst heat spells here in canada in southwestern ontario. it is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. i went out for errands. i didn't finish too hot. home now relaxing. everything in moderation. haha so glad to be of help. jessie here in canada

Hi Ken

by randrews - 2007-07-10 11:07:32

I'm glad you got out with your wife. I think this pm thing was as tough on my wife as on me. She was such a life saver. Take it slow, and let us know how your progressing.

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