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I had my PM inserted on 6/4/2021 and everything is going well, check ups are good and everything

working as normal. My question is we are about to embark on our first vacation post PM.

I was wondering if those who have a remote monitoring base (boston scientific) take it with them

on vacation or leave it at home?. My EP knows of my travelig but didn't indicate whether I should 

take the device with me. Asking those who have traveled post PM. Thanks



by Julros - 2021-07-27 12:52:35

I was told it wasn't necessary, but I would verify with your clinic. It may depend on the length of your trip. 

Have fun!

Depends on checked baggage too

by crustyg - 2021-07-27 14:19:20

The BostonSci Latitude monitor is very large (as you know), but the more difficult problem is the heavy, old-fashioned, mains-frequency transformer PSU.  Not like the smart, switched-mode lightweight units you get with a PC/laptop or smartphone.

So if I'm travelling hand-baggage-only the remote monitor is switched off before I leave and that's it.

Whether that's appropriate for you depends on the 'stability' of your condition.  At the moment I'm on a fairly long leash (only a single, annual follow up - they had originally suggested biennial), but that may change.  Some folk here are followed up much more closely.  The big difference with BostonSci is that your PM attempts to contact the box every night and if there's nothing to report the connection is closed (between PM and box).  Last time I returned home after a long time away, unmonitored, my clinic got an update the day after I returned and switched it all on again.  Which is reassuring.


by ki4biy - 2021-07-27 21:37:52

Took mine with me.  No problem with TSA. Showed my pacemaker card and every thing was ok.

Only your EP knows for sure

by AgentX86 - 2021-07-27 23:32:44

This is something we really can't help you with.  Most of us have the monitor just in case we think we have a problem or for periodic remote interrogations, rather than having to go to the device clinic in person. Others' are somewhere between those extremes. Your EP should have told you where on this continuum. If you fall more on the constant monitoring end of the spectrum, you need to ask your EP. If the box is used only for periodic telemetry, there really isn't any reason to take it, unless you're going to be gone for an extended period.

I took mine.

by Lovesthesun41 - 2021-07-28 18:33:15

I just travelled for the first time since my implant. I asked and was told to take my communicator. I haven't had to manually send any transmissions but I did have a scheduled transmission the last day of my vacation. Everything went fine. I just put it in my carry on bag. No one questioned it and I carried and showed my device card when going through security. Everyone was very nice. Have a great vacation!

Taking monitor along in a vacation.

by TAC - 2021-07-30 17:03:40

I was told by my electrophisiologist that I should take the monitor with me if I was planing to be out of town for longer than one week. Only in the U.S.


by islandgirl - 2021-07-31 00:22:12

Ask you dr.  We all have individual requirements.  

I have to take mine wherever I go, even if for just an overnight. My Medtronic "Carelink" works flawlessly worldwide in the most remote places such as the Sahara Desert and the Mekong River!  Have a great vacation!  

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