Post implant symptoms

I had my pacemaker placement this past Tuesday. I am wondering if anyone can share if they felt very very tired several days after the surgery and also I feel weak and kind of unstable when walking. I don't know if this is a normal reaction or not but I thought a pacemaker was going to give me more energy. I'm reading on this site that there are various settings of the pacemaker. Perhaps this has something to do with these symptoms?  


Post implant symptoms

by TAC - 2021-08-01 17:07:04

Hello Daisy: Welcome to the club. Yes, there are symptoms after the PM implant. However, the symptoms are not the same in everybody. It depends on age, medical status prior to the pacemaker, type of pacemaker, placement site, medications you take and condition that requiered the implant. In general, there is going to be some soreness on the site of the pacemaker. However, the most important symptoms have to with the physical and psychological adjustment to having inside your body a device that controls your heartbeats. The benefits of having a pacemake are not insantaneous. It depends on the reasons why you needed the PM in the first place. However, in all cases, there is going to be a period of adjustmet, not only for your body but for the device. Trust your doctor and be patient. 

Take some time

by Persephone - 2021-08-01 18:35:15

Hi Daisy - your surgery was so recent - please give yourself some time to recover.  Keep a log of how you're feeling and time of day, activity level, etc. to share with your medical team.  Yes, settings can be adjusted to help suit your needs.  I hope you're feeling better with each day.

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