Apologies for my self pitying posting on 31 July

My father Kenneth had a seizure on 15th June. He had dropping of heart beat and vomitting. He was fitted with a Pacemaker straigt away. After the pacemaker my father continue to have seizures and started getting his words mixed up. My sister organised for him to have a CT scan on the brain. Me and my sister were then informed that my father has an extensive left temporel inhomogeneous high grade glioma cancer on the brain and this what courses the problem on the 15th June. My father is receiving treatment ie Steriods and radiotherpy and is looking 10 years younger and feeling great. Me and my sister are trying to find other treatments. Has anyone heard of Essiac Tea/ Co Enzyem 10, Cellular Zeolite, MSM, Blue/Green Algae, Oxy E.

Wishing everyone else on the site good health.

Love Debbie
ps has finally stopped raining in the Northwest of England


Been There!

by cottontop - 2007-08-26 05:08:02

I don't have any answer's for you but I would like to say don't say your are sorry for the posting. That is what everyone is here for. Support! We all have our pity party's and need to vent. Usually someone on this site will lift me up and not even know about it. Maybe something they just happen to comment to someone else. You are in my prayers. Hope someone can answer your concerns.

God bless you,

Essiac Tea/ Co Enzyem 10, Cellular Zeolite, MSM, Blue/Green Algae, Oxy E.

by Bob Sr - 2007-08-26 11:08:03

I had heard of all the products you list but not as possible treatments for cancer. However, if you will go to google.com with each of these you will see lots of informaiton on the products. There is ample evidence there that others have heard of them as possible cancer treatments.

Using garlic for brain cancer

by Surferman - 2007-08-29 11:08:38

I just found an interesting article on how they're beating brain cancer with garlic. I found the article at the following site: http://www.thatsfit.com/2007/beat-brain-cancer-with-garlic/ Hope it helps. Surferman

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