Pacemaker adjustment

Hi new to pm club and have a Boston Scientific  bi vent pm. Went to see my cardiologist today and he had a Boston Scientific rep there to use the machine for making adjustment. She explained everything to me what this means what this does. Really helpful and very helpful. She would tell the doctor the machine suggests this adjustment and he would approve. It's so hard going through this but with a great team so much better I'm so blessed.


Matches my experience

by crustyg - 2021-08-10 05:38:45

I had my Accolade tuned for road-cycling by the BostonSci rep, who was courteously explaining various settings to the EP-tech who was nominally in charge of my adjustments (EP-doc put his head around the door at start and end).

My EP-doc is a Medtronic man, but kindly got me Accolade (-EL, too) for road cycling - but it *has* to be tuned to make MV work sensibly.

IMHO, the more experienced the expert, the more humble they are because their experience has taught them that no-one knows everything, and a true Expert is always keen to learn new information.

Sounds as though your EP-doc is a keeper!

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