Panic attack?

Posted a few days ago (Too much, too quick) Nearly three weeks since op, the odd ache dizzy spell etc since then but yesterday afternoon became very dizzy, sick and numbness in my neck and from my knees downwards, Could not stand it any more so rushed up to the hospital in the evening. Put on oxygen straight away and blood tests were taken, after two or so hours every test came back ok, and despite still feeling rotten they sent me on my way. I don’t think they were overly concerned because they told me if it happens again come back to the outpatient department and not emergency! What I’m wondering is perhaps like Rusty, (who seems to have a similar condition to me) I may have suffered a panic attack, any views from you would be grateful. One little note of interest I’ve noticed from this site is that no matter where in the world you are the advice we seem to have from our doctors of what will happen to us after the op is very minimal. This seems to be backed up by the fact that this site seems to have 4 or 5 hundred people reading our posts at any one time, grasping for any info, myself included!




by jessie - 2007-07-12 02:07:58

yes it sure sounds like it. i remember shortly after my implant one day my husband had bought a new b.p. machine. well lo and behold it was low in batteries and i got a reading of 230/156 i started to cry and he somehow managed to load me in the car and we hit e.r. with me crying and him sure i was dying at any moment. well the nurses were laughing and said no it is fine your b.p. p and ekg are just fine. go home live your life and buy good batteries. lol so the doctors don't support or explain possible panic attacks which could easily happen in the weeks after the implant jessie

Panic attacks, not unusual !

by johng - 2007-07-12 10:07:04

I agree with Jessie's comment. After having any surgical procedure you will need time to adjust.
You did the right thing in going to the emergency room.
Just imagine how you would feel if it had been serious !
I am another one of those who "imagined I was having another heart attack", on two occasions after having the PM. implanted.
I became so worried, that my doctor prescribed a sedative for me to take when I started to feel difficulty breathing, or sick and dizzy.
He said it is not unusual after any major illness, to have , what he called " anxiety bouts".
I had never experienced anything like this previously, and found it hard to accept.
But now I have learned to take the doctor's advice.
I hope you recovery continues without too many hiccups.

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