Dizziness & Pacemaker Syndrome

Hi Folks!
I am from Indonesia and just got my PM on the 21th June. I have dual chamber Medtronis Sensia SEDR01.
Today my first day back to work (I am an Instrument Designer)

But even rarely I am still feeling dizziness and it comes on most when I walk little bit hurry.

Can anyone advise me? I also would like to know more about pacemaker syndrome.


dizziness and PM

by CathrynB - 2007-07-10 11:07:35

Hi Gandara,
Welcome to Pacemaker Club! I hope your surgery went smoothly and your recovery is going well. You should talk with your doctor about continuing to feel dizzy. It could be that you're experiencing side affects from medication you're on, or your pacemaker settings may need adjustment to work better for your cardiac needs. Do you know whether the Rate Response Mode is turned on for your PM? You're still in the early stages of recovery, and it can take months for full healing and adjustment to occur, but you should definitely discuss your dizzy spells with the doctor. Take care and keep us posted on how you're doing,

Dizziness and your PM

by ela-girl - 2007-07-10 12:07:05

Hi, Gandara!

I, too, have a dual chamber pm for 9 months now. You do not say much about your condition (why you needed a pm). I had mine implanted via emergency surgery for severe bradycardia, heart block, VVS (syncope), and SSS. If you are worried about your dizziness because you also had blackouts, I was told by my EP that it is still possible to have dizzy spells even after your pm is implanted. I am also still on a beta blocker with my pm to help control the syncope. So far, so good. I only had a couple of times where I even got a dizzy spell like before. The pm is defintiely doing its job. It is also very soon for you after surgery--not even a month yet. Just take an easy and get in touch with your doctor if you have questions. It is his/her job to help you along.

Hopefully, others on this wonderful site can give you some input. Keep us informed!

Happy pacing-

An update

by Gandara - 2007-07-17 12:07:03

Hi Ella and Cathryn, thank you for the response.

Really, I should get the PM since Nov. 2005 due to severe Bradycardia and SA Block. I was shock and refused (you may know the reason). I tried to looking for another way - medic and non medic - instead of PM but got nothing and my health becomes worse.

At that time I searched and collected the information regarding the PM and fortunately found this Site.
Some people here inspired me to become more Taft and finally I decided to wear it even rather late.

Last week, I seen the Neurolog and he told me that I' ve got Vertigo. It seems an excess from the previous Bradycardia which didn't handled soon.
Now I am under medication and feel much better.



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