Apple AirPods Pro?

Anyone else use the wireless Apple AirPods with a pacemaker? I see Apple recently released documents stating most of their products would suggest not using with pacemaker. 

i use Apple AirPods Pro and have a stainless steel Apple Watch Series 6 with the magnetic wrist loop. 

wondering if these are safe? I see people say the Watches are fine, but I wonder if I should try a different band as the metal one is held together by a magnet. 

also does the left AirPod matter as my ear is pretty close to my chest/implant area? I hope I don't need to listen with just one pod. 





No problem

by CyborgMike - 2021-09-14 03:01:36

You have to have a very strong magnet directly on top of your device to put it in safe mode. Once you remove the very strong magnet it goes back to regular pacing. There is almost no regular consumer product with a strong enough magnet to do that. As I type this I'm holding an iPhone 12 max pro (known to have a large magnet) immediately on top of my device. I use AirPod pros 8 hours a day on zoom calls. Your tiny watch band magnet is no issue. 

don't sweat all the warnings. Unless you are welding or using giant magnets, Just live your life and enjoy it. Don't worry about airport X-rays or microwave ovens...

it's fine

by Tracey_E - 2021-09-14 09:58:58

The lawyers are writing those warnings, not the doctors. A magnet has to be very strong and less than 6" from your device to cause problems. The only Apple product I avoid is the Iphone 12, jury is still out on the wireless charging on that one and it has caused some problems. I have airpods, iphone, ipad- no problems whatsoever. 


by AgentX86 - 2021-09-14 11:53:49

As Mike said, if you had a very strong magnet  the only problem possible would be that your pacemaker would revert to a default, safe, mode. You may not feel so great but it's safe. It would be the same mode it's in during an interrogation.

Some household magnets are strong enough to do this, speakers, woodworking magnets, high-end headphones (NOT cheesy air-pods). It's not advisable to sleep on these sorts of things.

A property functioning wireless charger shouldn't be a problem either. They need to negotiate charging modes with the device before they will operate. Your pacemaker doesn't do this so the charger won't do anything.


by MinimeJer05 - 2021-09-14 12:32:49

Thanks for the reassurance and quick comments. I assumed I was just being overly cautious and it sounds like that's the case. 

glad to know I can continue to use my technology as originally intended. 

also good to know the difference between "safe mode" and not just blowing up the pacemaker. 

Air Pods

by Daedalus - 2022-02-25 11:12:40

My PM is a Biotronik and I asked the company directly about Air Pods (not the Pro model, though).  They promptly answered that they were ok to use, just not to use a sound bar type of headphone that wraps around the neck. 

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