Medtronic MyCareLink Mobile App?

Hello all,

Just reaching out to anyone specifically using a Medtronic PM that might be either using the MyCareLink Heart mobile app (Android or Apple devices) or perhaps the at-home monitoring device known as the MyCareLink Relay Home Communicator.

When I was in the hospital after my PM surgery, I tried downloading the app and was having issues (I work in IT, therefor was running a beta version of iOS, which wasn't compatable with the Medtronic app) so I opted for the at-home communicator.

It works fine and mostly stays out of the way.

My question was if anyone has any of you know if we can use both at the same time or if its a "one or the other" type situation? I can't seem to find the answer on Medtronics website and they don't have a great way to contact them.

I was hoping to use the at-home device whenever I am at home, but then to be able to use the phone when I am out (traveling or spending the night somewhere else) so I don't have to unplug the device and bring it with me.

I was initially told that the phone app drains battery and can cause things to be slow, which was concerning, but I also love the idea of being able to see everything on my phone.

Hopefully I can do both -- I didn't want to try setting it up on my phone and then have the at-home device start malfunctioning.

Thanks for the help as usual.




by Theknotguy - 2021-09-21 20:48:29

Unfortunately Jer, you are the genius among the illiterate.  The people at Medtronic haven't a clue about the computer side and won't be able to help you.  I seriously doubt if you will be able to get either application working for any length of time.  

I had the phone app.  It worked fine for about a year then it just quit.  Went back and forth with Medtronic. Got a supposedly new unit which didn't work either.  Then Medtronic accused me of breaking the units.  The only thing they could tell me was to run the application per the instructions in the box.  No ability to troubleshoot why it wasn't working.  I ended up sending the units back to Medtronic.  Then had to argue it out with my local EP because they had me set up for remote monitoring instead of in-the-office reviews.  I've had to call them and make sure I get my readings on time.  

After working in the computer industry for a while, the best I can figure out is they've set up the units and software to work with specific versions of the phone systems.  They either don't have the software staff to keep up with the software changes on the phones or they don't have any kind of support staff in that area.  So when a change comes along that breaks the connection they, as medical people, are clueless as to what to do.  

The other problem I ran into was an upgrade to my Internet provider.  Something with the provider didn't work with the sensor unit and once again, Medtronic didn't have anyone who could even do any troubleshooting.  At that time I was accused of breaking the units so they requested they be sent back.  I'm due for a pacemaker change in March of next year and hopefully they have some better software with the new units.  As you can tell it's been total frustration for me.  Fortunately the units are read only so nothing is done to the settings on your pacemaker and you don't have to worry about that.  

I hope you have a better experience than I did.  Unfortunately I can't give you any positive help.  

Medtronic MyCarelink app

by ar_vin - 2021-09-21 21:13:04

I've used the app for a couple of years now on an iPhone after a lot of issues with the bedside unit.

The ios app works perfectly (I have an old iPhone SE - the older model).

That's all I ever use for remote monitoring with my Medtronic PM. Why would you keep the stupid old box around and confuse issues? Dump the box once you get the app installed and working on your phone. Unfortunately the Android app is only supported on a limited list of Samsung phone models.

If you're reasonably comfortable using your phone (installing apps etc) you should have no trouble with the app. I know a lot of PM recipients (including members of this forum) tend to not be tech savvy. Hence all the complaints about the app "not working".

A couple issues I've run up against:

- "scheduled" transmisions can be hit or miss; I simply send a manual transmission when I need to and have requested my PM clinic to not "schedule" any remote transmissions. Here again it is mostly the cluelessness of the PM techs in setting the transmission time etc and not the app itself.

- when a new OS version is released, it can take a few days for the app to be "verified" by Apple and Medtronic. The app will stop working without warning. It happened to me yesterday when iOS 15 was released for the iPhone. I updated my phone and right away the app stopped working; fortunately it's working fine today. I know better than to update to the latest and greatest OS version but I learned again the hard way to just wait a week or so to allow Medtronic and Apple to verify the app.

Please do share your experience!


Bedside and app

by AgentX86 - 2021-09-21 21:46:32

I haven't gotten the (Android) app working yet. It says that my phone isn't compatible but it's on the list (Samsung Note 10+).  Anyway, there is a thing in the "directions" that says that one is expected to return the bedside box after the app is installed.  They'll send a return box for it. Maybe others haven't gotten the same instructions. They can have it.  I hate the damn thing.  What a POS.

Interesting Comments

by MinimeJer05 - 2021-09-21 22:59:14

I'm surprised by all of the comments in regards to the bedside unit. Either I got lucky and have a good one or it's not working and nobody is telling me?

i plugged it in, it did the green light confirmation and I haven't looked at it or touched it yet. Nobody (nurses, doctors, pacemaker people?) said I should be checking on anything, so I haven't. 

I finally found a way to shoot off an email to Medtronic to see what they say.

i also didn't get any instructions about returning one or the other. Just the box, the device and how to turn it on. 


remote transmission

by new to pace.... - 2021-09-22 00:15:20

I was able to get the bedside monitor set up to my amazment.  Works well for me.  The green light does not bother me.  Went on the carelink website to set up beside myself who gets notified when the transmission is succesful. 

The Heart specialist office gave me a list of dates when the transmission happens every 3 months.   I then either call or send email to The Heart Specialist offiice to ask for copy of report.

If there is a problem they notify me.   Only happened one time got appt saw cardiolgist .   Who said had a couple of fast heart beats.  Said was not aware of them.  Decision to continue takeing Turmeric supplement for now.

new to pace

Get the app directly from the App stores

by Unstoppable - 2021-09-22 00:42:08

I've only had my PM for two weeks and I opted to have the monitoring app on my phone vs. another item on my nightstand. When I followed the Medtronic info on getting the app, it said my phone (Galaxy S10) wasn't supported. I went to Google Play directly, which the developers are supposed to correctly identify which phones are supported, and saw the app listed which meant my phone should work with the app. Other than draining my battery a bit faster, it seems to work fine.

Medtronic My Care link

by Dixie Chick 65 - 2021-09-22 07:45:03

I have an IPhone 8 Plus and I've successfully used the My Care link app for the past 18 months. So far all of my transmissions were automatically sent in without a problem. 
I really like the ease and convenience of the app. 

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