Recovery & Granddaughter

My first PM is schedule for Nov. 1 for bradycardia.  My husband and I (65 years old) watch our 4 year old granddaughter after school (2:30 to 4:30 PM) two-three days a week.  My question is would I feel well enough to have her here about 2 days after the surgery?   My husband would drive to go get her.     My husband will be here for any lifting and other things I may not be up to doing.   I figured as long as he is here it should be OK even like 2 days later. .  My husband thinks we shouldn't because I would problem be tired, sore and wouldn't  be able to rest, but it's only for 2 hours.   She is a very calm child so it's not like we have to chase after her.  So what do you all think about it?  Should I tell my daughter 2-3 days after I get hom from surgery we can watch her or wait a  week or two?  What is the normal recovery time for getting back to your usual routine (cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.)  Thank you!





by AgentX86 - 2021-09-22 15:51:42

It's hard to say. Everyone is different and recovery varies all over the place. I certainly would have been up for a four year old, as long as I were ASSURED that I'd not have to lift her or reach for anything. I felt better than 100% by the time I left the recovery room. Others have a much harder time after, with both the wound and adjusting to being paced.

As long as your husband is there, you should be good but things can go sideways too.


by Persephone - 2021-09-22 19:49:58

Disneyfan, I'm so impressed by your commitment to your family and it sounds like you're putting them first.  As Agent points out, you won't know how you'll be feeling after PM implant until you get there, including what help you may need for yourself.  I would think you should have some recovery time and space just for you at only 2 days post surgery, even though there are family members you care about and want to help. This is all offset by the "only 2 hours" factor, but still something to consider.

Just from my individual experience, and I was about 10 years lesser in age at implant, I still felt quite foggy at 2 days.  I wasn't on medication, but still the brain fog was there.  By day 7, I was moving fairly heavy stuff around (carefully and in a measured way) because a tree had fallen on my house and there was a lot of destruction so it was kind of an emergency to attend to.  Again, we all have individual experiences in recovery but since this is your first go-round, I would say to give yourself a bit more time.


Recovery and Granddaughter

by disneyfan - 2021-09-24 09:05:22

I appreciate both of your responses to my inquiry.   Agent you stated you were good soon and  others had a much harder time.  Plus since  I think because I am closer in age to when Persephone had her surgery, I am combining both your thoughts and taking a week to te recover berore I babysit.  Thank you for helping me come to a decsion.


by dwelch - 2021-10-09 10:48:58

My daughter was about that age when I got number three (I am on number five).  Not that you asked but the climbing on your lap, etc stuff, little elbows and knees are pointy and out of control and very much hurt when they hit a pacer in general and certainly a newly implanted one.

My experience is the first week of sleep is not good, first night, little to no good sleep, maybe an hour then sit up or rock for a bit, try again, etc.  I think you will be quite tired to be honest.

At the same time folks like myself Tracey_E and others are driving again by day three, so there is that.  Granted we have had more than one put in and have a rough idea what to expect.

bottom line is it is not possible to tell ahead of time how you will be that first week, you may be ready to go, or you may be wiped out, or more likely somewhere in the middle.

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