experience with Abbott Gallant DR ICD?

Hi All,

I'm new here. 44yr old male. I got diagnosed with lamin cardiomypathy which basically took me for complete surprise. I am coping with it all. Have bouts of depression about it but what can I do. Does anyone have any experience with an Abbott Labs Gallant DR ? I hear its fairly new but wanted to know if anyone has this ICD. It seems to have a fair bit of technology trademarked. I was implanted yesterday at NYU Langone by a renowed EP and I seem to be healing fine, though too early to tell. 




Abbott Gallant

by Gemita - 2021-10-06 10:02:58



Perhaps you are one of the first on this forum to receive this new device?  I attach links (above) in case it is of interest to you or to other members.

I have a Medtronic pacemaker (implanted in 2018) and I can also connect to my pacemaker clinic/doctors using my smartphone and the MyCareLink Smart Patient Reader.

I am glad you have recovered well from your implant so far and I hope you continue to make good progress.  I would try to be optimistic that your doctors have found an effective device to help treat your condition and that you will be safer from now on.  Try to live your life without fear and enjoy every moment.  It is precious.

Please keep in touch and tell us more about your new device as you learn.  I send my very best wishes to you and hope you stay very safe

Look for a support group

by crustyg - 2021-10-06 12:06:51

I think I'd be unpleasantly surprised to have that diagnosis sprung on me - presumably no known family history?

You should be able to find a support group (although I suspect that unlike DCM, HOCM/HCM support is a bigger group and much better known), and for some people finding others with the exact same challenge can be very helpful.

Depression after diagnosis is common, and being actively involved in your journey (knowledge, understanding, awareness of others' tips and tricks) can be a big help.

Best wishes.

Life changing.....

by BOBTHOM - 2022-02-06 00:24:36

Finding out your issues is certainly a life changing event.  Personally I limit the number of people that know.  It's hard enough coping without having to comfort them and put their minds at ease over your issues.  Also understand that the ICD will NOT improve your heart function.  It is a safety net and can provide life saving therapies mostly in the form of shocks.  Not fun, definately frustrating, but as long as your still here that's the trade off.  Make sure you learn about your condition, your device, and I don't mean reading internet review and manufacturer broshure.  Learn about the report it produces and what it all means.  I have focused on the "event log" part of the report my Medtronic ICD gives me and I keep a daily journal.  It's fun to match events to activities I was performing to see triggers.  A big one for me has been with gardening, I'll do a little to much and sure enough, on the next event log there it is, short burst of vtac that day around that time.

Lastly, this site has a lot of resources and a lot of caring people.going through similar issues.  I know I feel better when I come out here to vent and I try to give back by also occasionally browsing thru the site and offering my experience.  Good luck with your new journey, may it be a long one!

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