Biopsy scheduled

My EP has scheduled me for a biopsy in mid November.  My heart function and echo has changed since mid June, including additional thickening and stiffening and a change of movement in the septum wall.  He spent 2 hours doing the echo, working with the tech and many times doing the imaging himself, having his med students write down areas to biopsy.  What a difference with him doing it at the hospital, as when it is done in the office he will pop in and out between patients and look at the images.  I saw him several weeks ago and he was explaining the importance of the biopsy.  He has adjusted meds since the echo and spent a lot of time at my last appt. adjusting the pm settings on the ICD.  I have become paced 100% in the RV, no block, and he is unsure why.  I'm 100% paced in RA due to SSS.  He mentioned amyloidosis. The nursing assistant called me last week to set it up and I will see the EP the week before.  He says it's very important he try and figure out what is causing the cardiomyopathy.  He said I need a LV lead but right now I don't meet the criteria due to my EF above 35%.  He said the biopsy results may allow it.  My battery was down to 6 months but with no therapies for VT for the last several months it is up to 11 months.  He will also check for a possible lead fracture in the RV lead.

I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for listening.  I continue to work as a private plant and animal biologist, although it is a struggle.  I push myself every day despite my exhaustion.  


I hope Biopsy results will provide answers and an additional left ventricular lead for you

by Gemita - 2021-10-25 05:22:47

Dear Islandgirl, it was good to hear from you and to know that you are being well cared for.  What a difference that makes and what a wonderful team you have to support you.  I do hope for the very best for you.

There is obviously a lot going on and a biopsy will help to provide answers where other investigations may have failed.  I know this only too well from my own experience.  I am reassured though that your VT (Ventricular Tachycardia) has not needed any control therapies for the last several months and that must have been a blessing for you.  It is a sign for me at least that you are on the right treatment to prevent your VT from occurring, despite your concerning echo results.  Hopefully a future "upgrade" to your system is all that will be needed to keep you stable and well enough to continue to work as a private plant and animal biologist.  In the meantime, please don't push too hard

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