Use of a Bemer electromagnetic device (to enhance blood flow) with a pacemaker

I was accustomed to using my Bemer electromagnetic device every day to encourage circulation before the addition of a pacemaker. The Bemer has 150 micro-tesla. I understand I must ask my cardiac doctor to what extent the Bemer might make disfunctional my pacemaker, given its make, an Abbott, Model 2272.

Do any of you have a Bemer device, and have you been able to use it with your pacemaker?




by AgentX86 - 2021-11-03 16:54:18

I doubt it would do anything to your PM:




by new to pace.... - 2021-11-04 06:30:50

Why do you need to increase your blood cirulation? 

new to pace


by Gotrhythm - 2021-11-08 12:27:24

My friend who also has a pacemaker bought a Bemer several years ago. Both she and I have used it with no ill effects to the pacemakers. 

I used it once or twice. She has used it daily.


Use of Bemer with Pacemaker

by Bellford - 2021-11-13 20:56:58


Many thanks for your response about your and your friend's continuing to use the Bemer.  My cardiac doctor would not give it the time of day, would not tell me how many mini Teslas I could use with the pacemaker. 


Continued use of the Bemer device

by Bellford - 2021-11-13 21:03:48

AgentX86 and New to Pace . . . 

I'm also beginning to think I can use the Bemer at a low capacity, especially if I keep its devices somewhat removed spatially from my pacemaker. It's important for an old person to facilitate the flow of blood even to the smallest extent of a vessel.


Using a BEMER with a pacemaker

by 4Felix - 2022-05-24 18:09:23

I've been a daily user of my BEMER for over 6 years (since 2016)  & I couldn't imagine not using it!  So when I received my pacemaker & defibrillator in 2021 I was concerned about what to do. So I definitely asked a lot of questions from all involved before I made my decision to continue  using my BEMER.

I've used my BEMER with my Medtronic Claria MRT Quad CRT-D SureScan for over 1 year (since 2021) with no issues. I asked my Medtronic's rep at the hospital after my surgery (when he came in my hospital room to setup the home monitoring system) & he was familiar with the BEMER.  And he said there was not an issue with using my BEMER.

But because I'm a type "A" personality I did my due-diligence before I decided what was best for me.  

My cardiologist wasn't familiar with the BEMER. I called BEMER customer service at 800-554-9117 and asked for the "usage" department & asked them as well. Since every situation is different it's advisable to ask all sources. Your cardiologist, Medtronics or your brand & BEMER.

The BEMER usage department has a protocol for a doctor to doctor consult about your particular situation. If you call they can advise you on the process to arrange a consult.

For me personally, I didn't have a dr to dr consult. But I would definitely recommend it. But I told my dr & BEMER usage department what the Medtronic's rep had said.

For me I used the BBODY twice daily & the sleep cycle nightly. I kept any BEMER accessories 6 inches away from my Medtronic's device. Just like it's recommended for my iPhone. This may not be advisable for everyone. But it was for me. So just do what's best for you. Every body & every health history is different for each of us. So please get all onboard before you do anything. 

I hope this helps!



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