Pacemaker pocket

Its just about 3 months since my dual chamber pacemaker was placed. My first in office appointment is in a few weeks.  

My pacemaker never seemed to sit snugly in a pocket. One edge always sticks up. At one point it would flip 90-180 degrees. (Quite annoying.  Now it only flips about 90 degrees and fatty tissue seems to be growing over it and adhering to it.  Is this normal?

They really need to issue a pacemaker handbook!



by AgentX86 - 2021-11-10 22:36:06

Do you mean it flips over, as in upside down?  That's really dangerous.  You shouldn't be playing with it.  If it does it spontaneously, you should call your EP and tell them what's happening.

Any "flipping" (any direction) isn't something to take lightly.


by Julros - 2021-11-11 10:55:08

AgentX86 is right, your device should NOT flip!. They leave some extra length to the leads on implant, but not enough to allow flipping. There is a condition called "Twiddler's Syndrome" where people repeatedly move the device (either consciously or unconsciously) and dislodge the leads. Call the office; you likely need an x-ray. 


by Debbdrew - 2021-11-11 16:25:30

I'm not flipping it and it doesnt completely flip over any more.  I'm busty and a side sleeper, gravity has its way. I'd wake up and it would be on its edge sometines nearing a 180 flip.  I had placed folded up cloth on top of it to keep it as flat as possible. Not always successful.
 It doesnt lay completely flat, never has. It now just pops up enough to be almost on its edge. Fatty tissue is growing over it and is keeping it down more.  I didnt know if that was normal.  Im obviously going to address this with dr when I go in 10 days.


by PacedNRunning - 2021-11-17 01:26:39

The way you are describing it lifting up on its side when you are laying on your side is normal. That happens to mine but it's sutured down on one side so it won't totally flip up. It probably goes up about 10% even though it may seem like more. Kind of freaked me out in the beginning but when movement and shift of body tissue, the device will shift around with it.  Sleep with a bra on until it's fully healed. Mine still does it but i try and ignore it. I didn't baby it because it wanted it to settle in the way I like to position myself.  It would learn to adjust to me. Ha!  It may feel like it's flipping 180 but it probably. Just feels that way.  

Flip Update

by Debbdrew - 2021-11-22 23:28:29

Thank you for your input. I appreciate your comforting words.  I'm updating in case anyone else has the same issue so there is no worry.  Saw EP today, it turns out my pacemaker became unanchored.  It is still working properly. Doctor was not concerned about it damaging wires or disrupting pacemaker function.  It was flipping 180 degrees, scar tissue has started to anchor it, so it only goes to about 90 degrees. If scar tissue doesnt completely anchor it in 3 months, and am still feeling discomfort from movement , they will go back in and reseat and reanchor it. 

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