im just curious is anybody here in their 20s? I am 23 and I just feel like every one I know that has a pacemaker is much older than me (nothing wrong with that), but I was wondering if I can find friends here about my age and ask how they feel, because sometimes I get very anxious, I just got my PM implanted 3weeks ago (first time). 
thank you


Some links in case they help

by Gemita - 2021-11-21 17:44:21


The above link will bring up lots of posts on the subject of "younger members" with pacemakers. Just copy and paste into your browser and you should find many helpful posts.  Many members have been paced from birth or their early years so you are certainly not alone here.

You could also try "Young Pacemaker Patients & Supporters" which is a Facebook Group.

Even though some of us are much older, we are still young at heart.


by MinimeJer05 - 2021-11-21 22:33:50


I'm 29 and facing 30 here in a few weeks. Had my PM implanted in early Sept and my mechanical valve in Jan of 2020. 

Definitely in a rut right now. Anxious and panic whenever I drive (my PM came after some vision spells and fainting -- trying to recover from the general PM implant, but also the anxiety and panic, on top of the general feeling of I DO NOT feel better). 

Hope your recovery is getting better. I just keep tellling myself that I am lucky to be here and to be alive and that someone always has it worse off -- perspective can be a key when trying to climb up out of any sort of depression or hard time. 

Not sure if 29 classifies as being "young" these days, but feel free to shoot any questions or concerns this way or just out to everyone -- so many great people here of all ages and backgrounds and it's just so fascinating (and helpful) to hear everyone's story and see people living mostly normal lives with a PM amongst any other heart-related problems. 

Take care


I know how you feel…

by Nina38 - 2021-11-22 03:11:35

Hi there, I too have felt that way.. Although Im 38, I have been a pacemaker dependent since the age of 5. That's quite a while now and I am super grateful! :) I may be older but I remember feeling out of place in my teens and in my 20's... because I didn't know anyone who had a pacemaker much less anyone around my age.... if you have any questions.. send me a message here.

be well,


not anymore

by Tracey_E - 2021-11-22 09:23:29

My kids are your age, but I've been paced since I was 27. Like Nina, I haven't forgotten how it felt to be the only younger person I knew paced. I still get "omg you're so young to have a pacemaker!!" all the time. 

 If you ever have questions about living with a pacer long term, feel free to message me. I'm healthy and active, no one looks at me and sees a heart patient. It's truly just a little bump in the road. Most of the time I forget it's there. 

younger hearts

by athena123 - 2021-11-22 17:58:18

Hi, im a little older at 55 but i was 53 when i had mine and took me a while to get use to it. You have a lot of good people here on board who can always help with your transition. You will be fine and before you know you wont even know you have a PM. good luck

I understand

by dwelch - 2021-11-24 23:06:04

My daughter is your age.  I got my first device at 19.  Feel free to message any one of us.  There are a few of us that started young and have had many devices and more devices to come.  I am about half way or more through my fifth device.  I have leads that are older than you.   I started the journey from birth, but wasnt detected till pre teens then the doc watched me for several years, I couldnt do certain sports (I mostly just lied to the doc about stuff and kept doing it)(I should have died, very lucky I did not).  

Friends and girlfriends were okay with it.  Easy to live with.  

There have been some teens on the site, and others your age.  We are a rare group that start that young, but a site like this is the first time I met others.  Even at my age I am still in the young end of this journey.    If you keep checking in you will find some folks your age to share your experiences.

You will some day be the pro with 5,6,7 devices...Or maybe they will fix things so that we dont need these devices any more.


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