Still some soreness.

I had the pacemaker fitted 6 months ago.  It took some months before it felt comfortable. I started playing golf with no after effects.   During the summer it felt more comfortable wearing light clothing.  For the past 2 weeks I have had some soreness around the site of the pacemaker. Sometimes the soreness feels like clothing is rubbing across the scar, then the site is sore to the touch.  Does anybody recommend a covering or pad over the site, and would it benefit   


Skin Soreness around device

by Gemita - 2021-11-23 12:55:17

Sidney, hello, I can see you have been struggling in the past to stay comfortable.  My main concern apart from the discomfort, would be to protect the skin over your device to ensure that it doesn’t become over inflamed and then susceptible to infection.  Does your wound look as though it has healed completely, no oozing, no breaks, no swelling?  How inflamed is it?  Is it just soreness from friction rub of seat belts and things like this, or do you think the soreness goes deeper?

I would use padding for a while for as long as necessary to feel comfortable.  I would also consider speaking to your doctors about the level of discomfort you feel and ask what could be done about it?  Since you will have your device for some years, it may be worth considering having the device buried deeper, although clearly this would be a last resort since there is always a risk of infection when opening the pocket.

Have a look on this site for padding ideas, or better still make some of your own.  Once the soreness subsides you could ask your doctor for a cream you could use to help repair dry, irritated skin.  This might help you to feel less sensitive in the future.


by Sidney Essex - 2021-11-24 04:30:56

Hello Gemita, Thankyou for the reply.  The bottom of my scar is quite ugly, even the nurse commented on it.  It appears slightly redder than the rest.  Seat belts do not touch it.  The pacemaker is only just under the skin, and touching the bottom of it is quite sore.   I have tried a padded plaster but it does not seem to make much difference.   Originally the doctor told me not to put anything on the scar,  so I left it.  But now I have just started to put a cream on it hopefully to improve things.  I have an appointment next Monday with the Doctor/cardiologist so will see what can be done.   Playing golf did not cause me any discomfort, whilst playing or after.  I think I have aggravated it doing something else, but what, I don't know.  

Continuing discomfort from device

by Gemita - 2021-11-24 04:49:49


After reading your comments, it sounds to me as though your pacemaker is too close to the surface for comfort whatever you try to do.  I am glad you will be discussing this with your doctors next week and they will have the opportunity of inspecting your wound more closely just to make sure all is well.  Please let us know the outcome of your discussions and I hope this can be resolved quickly for you.


by Sidney Essex - 2021-12-05 10:47:33

Hello Gemita,  After my last message I had an appointment with the cardiologist.  He decided I had an infection around the site and I was back in hospital in 2 days and had it removed. I spent 4 days in hospital, they cannot fit another pacemaker until any infection has gone. The next one to be installed will be put on the oposite side. I am at home for 10 days waiting to be recalled for a new implant.  Hope this one will do the job.

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