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Hey everyone...first post here.

I am 32 and after a lifetime of heart complications due to a congital heart defect I had an ablasion, a patch to fix a valve, a stint to widen a different valve and a pacemaker all 3 weeks ago. I am new here so im not sure how easy it is to search so forgive me if this has been asked and answered.

Do pacemakers affect cell phones? ie feedback etc?

Can I still enjoy roller coasters and things of that nature?

Thanks again



Cell Phones

by SMITTY - 2007-07-11 11:07:55

Welcome to Pacemaker Club

So far as I know cell pacemakers have no ell-effect whatsoever on cell phones. But cell phones have been known to have an effect pacemaker operation. To avoid that possibility never hold your cell phone within 6 to 10 inches of your pacemaker.

Someone else will have to answer the roller coaster question. However, I have seen people here say they have been on roller coasters after they got a pacemaker. I have no idea how long you need to wait. But since you have had quite a bit of heart surgery, I would suggest that you ask your doctor about the waiting time to ride a roller coaster in case there something about your surgery that would dictate the waiting time.


Cell Phones and Roller Coasters

by ecurb13 - 2007-07-12 01:07:29

You need to be more worried about the cell phone affecting the pacemaker, rather than the pacemaker affecting the cell phone. Although it may seem impossible anymore, you can live without a cell phone, but you (or anyone else for that matter) may not be able to live without a pacemaker. Like Smitty said, just watch how close to the pacemaker you get your cell phone. I have been using my cell phone for almost a year now since me PM implant and have had no problems. As far as roller coasters go, i'm not really sure, but from what I have been told and read, the newer, bigger roller coaster all rely on heavy duty magnets to operater, and as all of us with PM's aware of, magnets are bad bad news for pacemakers. So it may be best to stay away from them. Maybe i'm wrong, but it would be best to ask you doc about them before riding.....

roller coaster

by jessie - 2007-07-12 02:07:56

i just wanted to say that it is funny to me and it makes me smile that bowlrbob likes a good roller coaster ride. good for you bob and i am glad you tolerated it well. too many people don't do what they want to do in life out of fear so good for you jessie

cell phones and pacemakers

by CathrynB - 2007-07-12 10:07:25

Hey D. Welcome to Pacemaker Club! When I got my pacemaker in January, my doctor told me the newer pacemakers are much better shielded than the old ones, and while there have been a very small number of documented cases of interference with a PM in Europe, there have been none in the United States. He advised, however, that I use my cell phone in my right ear only to keep it 6 inches away from my pacemaker which is implanted on the left. I ALWAYS used it on my left ear before PM surgery, and many times since then I've forgotten and used it on my left since January, with no intereference problems. So I ignore that advice now, that I'd never advise anyone else to do so. Happy pacing and I hope your recovery is going well! Take care, Cathryn

Roller Coasters

by bowlrbob - 2007-07-12 12:07:07

I am one of those that Smitty was talking about. I have been on coasters since my pacemaker was implanted. My DR. just said to check out where the restraint on the coaster was first. You don't want it on top of the pacer. Warning!! I ASKED my Dr. first and I did not have the surgery that you have been through. So I would definitely ask your Dr. first. Also it was over a year after my implant before i tried it. I was OK with it it was awesome and I am 65 yo. But i love a good coaster. Bowlrbob

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