Vertigo type symptoms

I am almost 3 weeks with my pacemaker and can definitley say symptoms improve and I have been feeling better.  I read from others that they have similar concerns regarding heart palpitations and feelings of vertigo.  I don't feel experienced enough (yet) to offer much advice to others. I apreciate all the advice and encouragemenet provided to me on this site and can say that patience with letting your body adjust is huge.

I have recently been feeling minor vertigo type symptoms.  This does not happen all the time; mostly with a sudden movement or when I look up.  I have suffered form occassional vertigo in the past so I don't know if this is from the pacemaker or just me.

I read today on some of the posts that recovery and shoulder pain can transfer to neck and balance issues.

I am wondering if others have had some vertigo type issues as they recover.  I will check in with my doctor tomorrow but would love to hear any comments.

Thank you.




by MinimeJer05 - 2022-03-14 09:28:07


First off, welcome to the club! I hope the process has been mostly unexciting for you. The fact that you are posting about vertigo issues is a bummer, because I feel like it can range from just about anything.

I noticed weird motion/vision/balance issues pop up the day before my PM was implanted and they've stuck around (on and off for a bit) mostly since. I have been assured the PM is not at play, as well as my brain (heart/chest/brain MRI/MRA/CT/Echos have all been ordered and done).

I attended vestibular therapy and "passed" despite still feeling things at times.

I would say start with your primary doctor unless things worsen or you experience something unlike anything that you have felt before with your past vertigo.

Mine is a mystery box, but it has definitely weakened over time and sticks around much less -- I'd say I have more good days than bad days and when the "vertigo-like" symptoms come up, they maybe last for 10-15 mins at a time and I can mostly control them (sit down, change how I am sitting, look elsewhere, etc). 

I know, probably not the best advice or clear cut answer, but at least you can hopefully focus on it being a minor speed bump on the road to a full recovery.

Take care and keep us posted on what you find out! 


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