Pacemaker expectations post surgery

I am 7 days post surgery with Medtronic dual-chamber pacemaker.  Having issues with fatigue and dizziness when up doing most anything.  Seem to have to sleep a lot.  My post check-up isn't until next week.  Noticed I do not pace below 60 anymore, so appears to have taken care of Bradycardia but having issues with Tacs upon activity.  My diagnosis is Sinus Node Dysfunction.  Anyone else experience this upon recovery?  My expectations must be a little too high but hope another week will make a big difference.



by AgentX86 - 2022-05-12 16:28:52

IMO, you are expecting too much too early. Some of us are ready to jump off the operating table but that is certainly not the norm. Sinc you do have SSS (sick sinus syndrome) it's highly likely that you already have chronotropic incompetence (CI) where your heart doesn't respond to your oxygen needs. The pacemaker has to make up for this deficiency and that can take some time to dial in. It's also quite likely that your surgeon just used the settings right out of the box, which may not be appropriate for you at all. This all will start to get worked out over the next few weeks to months. Make sure your doctor and device technician understand exactly how you feel, your lifestyle, and your expectations. You might not get everything you want but you're certainly not going to get it if you don't make your needs known. Learn all you can about your hardware and condition. You'll then have the resources to tell them what you want. Be reasonable but firm. Squeaky wheel and all that.


by Tracey_E - 2022-05-12 17:53:46

It's normal to be tired for a few weeks. It's a minor surgery, but it's still a surgery and takes the body some time to recover. 

Are you on any new meds or pain meds? Those can cause dizziness. 

How fast is tach on activity? If your rate was very low for a long time, it might just be that you don't remember what a normal response feels like. I felt super racy for months after, but it was just me not being used to a normal heart rate. It's also possible your settings need adjusted. This is normal also. They send us home with a good gues, but settings are not one size fits all. 

Readjusting with dual chamber 100% pacing

by Stache - 2022-05-13 15:10:27

I too have a dual chamber pacer 100% pacing with two stents.  I went through what you are.  The first two weeks I had to take a two hour nap every day.  I have never taken naps.  I experienced fatigue and dizziness when up doing most anything as well.  A lot of the dizziness came from my medications.  Today marks 15-months for me and I am down to three medications I don’t have dizziness anymore but still get a little fatigued at times.  What you are experiencing is normal and your body will make adjustments. 


I am an avid bicycle rider and three months off the bicycle after the cardiac arrest.  I am back to riding fully bionic now and don’t get tired or have dizziness.  It will take time to readjust.  Just be careful with your medications I had to cut some of mine in half.  The side effects are not good.

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