I currently may have a temporary pacemaker and possibly a deactivated one. No idea on the status of the old wires. Will ask the transplant surgeon tomorrow. Had my transplant on Wednesday. Awake yesterday and talking. Sitting up in a seat all day. Apparently I'm doing well! 


Wonderful news

by Gemita - 2022-05-13 14:29:20

Oh Atiras, that is unbelievable news and so fast.  I am so pleased for you and I hope you continue to make excellent progress.  You so deserve this.

Please come back and chat with us whenever you feel up to it.  I still cannot believe how quickly this has happened for you.  You must have been in the right place at the right time.  Thank you transplant donor and family for this wonderful gift.

Gemita xx


by AgentX86 - 2022-05-13 17:17:12

You are very fortunate to get through that part of the challenge so quickly. Yo seem to be doing very well. Keep on wowing us. I remember the day after my CABG when I was in a similar state, trying to recalibrate my surroundings and thoughts.

I did ask about the Thanksgiving dinner menu (the following day). I found out. Green Jello.

Do well and wow them with your progress.



by atiras - 2022-05-14 09:55:44

The ICD/PM and all wires are gone! Just the temporary external pm for the moment but don't know if or when it will be removed or replaced with something permanent. Depends on how well the new heart performs. 

Transplant wishes

by Selwyn - 2022-05-14 11:37:59

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Atiras.

I play table tennis with a heart transplant man ( He gave me Covid!). He is temporary out of action as he damaged his arm playing football!

He attends the World Transplant Games and has won medals.  

The future is bright.

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