Hi Folks

Got back from the mainland last Friday. We had a good trip and it was great to see Kay (Rewired Aussie) Unfortunately I was still suffering the effects of flu and my energy level was so low we only saw each other for about an hour. All is not lost I am spending a week in Melbourne on my way back from New Zealand in November and have set aside the five days so we can have some contact again. It was nice to go away and nice to come home again. The weather here is freezing cold at night but sunny during the day. Quite spring like and the wrens are chitting and nesting in the big bush that overhangs the back courtyard. Our doggie (cocker spaniel) Monica (she loves men) went spacko when we returned home and has not left my side since. Lot more lambs born and many casualties due to bad weather. Triplets again last week. Our two orphans are growing like mad and are gradually being weaned off the bottle but carry on like mad whenever they see anyone around. My next check for my pacemaker is due in Hobart middle of November. will post any questions that come to mind so you folks can help me. It surprises me that the technician and the specialist has no idea of this site. Take care, pace well. LOL


Hi Billie!!

by Rewiredaussiegirl - 2007-08-21 09:08:46

Hi Billie
Just logged in and your message came up.I really enjoyed seeing you and do hope you are feeling a lot better now.Even though you were not feeling to good we still managed to have a good laugh together.
Looking foward to catching up again in Nov.-lots of love-Kay

More lambs

by auntiesamm - 2007-08-23 02:08:58

Hi Billie,

It is so wonderful that you and Kay have what looks like a new friendship that will last your lifetime. Isn't it just amazing how this club brought you together? I've had personal contact with our little Valerie who is not doing well right now. She surprised me with a visit the day I had my knee replacement done. Val lives about 15 mi from me, just over the hill! I feel a special connection with her and we have talked of getting together again for coffee, or ????? She's as beautiful outside as she is inside. (turns that statement around)

I find your sheep and lambs fascinating. How often are triplets born? Or, twins? How much do the multiples weigh in comparison to a single lamb? Sheep and lambs have always been one of my favorite animals. My nieces raised lambs in high school ag and I loved being around them. They were such sweet, gentle souls. I hope your babies all do well. Do ewes give birth year 'round? What is the climate right now? Take care and God bless you.


hi girls

by jessie - 2007-08-24 03:08:43

so glad to hear you got to-gether. you have so much fun usually. sorry kay you had the flu but many good times ahead.oyur culture promotes good times and families. well talk to you soon jessie

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