Post pacemaker symptoms

First I just wanted to thank everyone for their inspiration during my pre PM procedure. It was on June 7 & the procedure was a snap. But now I am experiencing the following: Higher B/P, nothing drastic, weird dull throbbing sensations in left arm, every now & then, and yesterday some several kind of mild  jolt sensations from my heart. I am a little light headed and low energy. Now keep in mind I have high anxiety and freak out with any strange or unusual feelings. I called doc and they said to keep a log of B/P and is seeing me on Tuesday. I guess I am concerned that a lead has been dislodged.  BTW they were out of the home monitors so I don't have one at the moment. Am I over reacting and paranoid or has anyone else experienced these feelings. 



by Good Dog - 2022-06-11 10:23:41

Congrat's on your new PM. I really doubt that based upon what you described that your symptoms would be anything serious. When in doubt do not hesitate to contact the doctor's office. The good news is that you are seeing the doc very soon. So you should write down your questions and insure that you get the answers you need. None of the sypmtoms you describe would indicate a dislodged lead, but an EKG will reveal if that is the case. Generally, if a lead is dislodged you would be feeling pretty awful. Thing is, you seem to be hypervigilant which is pretty normal after a life-change like you just experienced. So it is likely that you may be experiencing some anxiety. That is pretty normal. The visit to your doc will give you the assurance that you need and likely ease your anxiety.

I wish you the very best!



Symptoms post pm

by skigrl3 - 2022-06-11 10:32:52


I am 4 weeks post. For the 1st 24h I kept fainting, and for close to 10 days I had shortness of breath and general fatigue. I thought at first doing the procedure must have been a mistake because overall day to day I felt worse than before the procedure. I stuck it out and everything subsided except for the occasional pulling, punching and twinging from the site under my clavicle, axillary area and arm but from what I hear from others those symptoms may always be. They are very manageable. I have always been athletic and now I know this was the right thing to do. If symptoms persist and or get worse please seek out your physician. An ekg may be warrented or a simple xray can see if things shifted. Good luck. Hope you feel better 


by athena123 - 2022-06-11 13:38:22

Yes, things will feel out of sort at first but as time goes on you will forget that its even in you. Your anxiety will subside as well. Time will heal all wounds as they say. good luck

Post surgical

by toniorr11 - 2022-06-11 13:40:45

Hi there. If you have any worries about pain then you must seek advice. I can share my experience if it'd help.  I had my Pacemaker inserted on the 9th May and I was really anxious afterwards. I think it's difficult to manage expectations and everything is new to you. Two days later I ended up in A&E with chest aches and pains... sometimes quite sharp shooting type pain. The staff were excellent. Tested me for heart attack which was negative and eventually they decided that the pain was coming from my heart complaining about being poked around during the implant. They also turned the pacemaker off until I'd healed. I've had a LOT of ectopics and sometimes a shooting pain too but I'm now nearly 6weeks on and I don't like tempting fate but these complaints are 99% gone. Very occasionally there's a strong ectopic but I'm trying to ignore them! Also my left arm has an altered sensation and feels swollen at times too but I asked the doctor and they said it's coming from the incision... swelling etc and should go away and it's definitely less now. 

I think I've had a lot of fear surrounding this and as time has gone by it's definitely getting less. However, if you are at all worried, ask a doctor. That's their job.

Hope this helps xx

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