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Hello everyone. I am new to the pacemaker club. I had a dual lead pacemaker done 5 days ago and I think from reading some of the posts I am expecting too much too soon. My original diagnoses was bradycardia with my pulse running in the 40s. I had fatigue going up stairs and some minor shortness of breath. I was expecting everything to be gone after surgery but thats not the case. I know have much more fatigue and shortness of breath and at time my heart pounding in my chest. I go for my first check up tomorrow so maybe I will get some answers. I definitely feel worse now then before. They have my pulse set at 61. Like I said im probably expecting too much.



by Tracey_E - 2022-08-22 17:37:56

They send us home with settings that are a good guess, so it may take some tweaking to get them just right for you. Also, they turn them up a bit when they are new until the leads settle into place and the heart gets used to being paced, after 4-6 weeks they turn it down to a more long term setting. 

If your rate was low for a long time, a normal rate will feel very fast and pounding at first. That feeling goes away. 

You should not be more SOB than you were before. Be sure to tell them. 

Take er E Z

by Lavender - 2022-08-22 17:45:34

At only five days recovery under your belt, it's too soon to tell how you will ultimately feel. Your slow heart beat has been corrected but your heart has to recover from having leads attached to it. Your body is working hard to fix all the disturbed tissue in there. 

When I left the hospital with my brand new device, I wanted to turn around and tell them to take it out. I was having lots of pounding in my neck and chest. It drove me to distraction as they used to say. I was so aware of everything going on. We get hypersensitivity after this surgery.  I was anxious and that caused me to feel breathless. I also was unaware that I needed to be drinking a lot more water! With the heart pounding harder and the body recovering, you need much more water than before. 

Write down your questions to ask tomorrow. When you go to the dr, we get distracted and forget to ask what we wanted.   Bet they'll tell you everything is A ok. 

At first, the pacemaker is set up higher and in about a month, at your pacemaker interrogation, they adjust the settings to match you better. 

Just knowing you had the energy to look up and join this site-tells me you are a man who figures things out and deals with them. You will be back to woodworking before you know it. 

Welcome aboard the ship of hope!

Right there with you

by Mad Hatter - 2022-08-22 22:32:59

Jsoll, I got my dual lead 8/16/22 so we are tracking together. Yes I've felt my heart pounding sometimes unnecessarily so when I don't think I'm exerting myself. The only shortness of breath has been because it hurt around the pm to breathe deeply.  What the others say makes sense to me that the body is taxed adjusting to the new pm and wires.  I've been very tired early and sleeping/napping more than usual.   Felt like I was improving each day and almost feel normal today.  My follow up is Thursday so it will be interesting to compare notes.  Hang in there and God bless.  

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by Woodworker1 - 2022-08-23 09:54:52

Thank you guys so much. Until I joined this club I felt very alone like I was the only one that experienced these things with no one to talk to about it. I go to my doctor today so will keep on touch with the results. Thanks again.

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by Woodworker1 - 2022-08-23 18:19:15

Well I met with my Doctor today and she said everything looks good. She said my transmission from the app showed everything was fine. EKG looked good. She claims that if I dont drink 60 ounces of water a day it can cause some of the symptoms I am having and I must admit I havent been even close to that. Also she said my body needs to adjust to the pacemaker and that will take a little time. She wants to see me in a month unless my symptoms get worse. I have to say they are better today then they have been. I feel pretty good about it and we will see how things go.

Good to hear

by Mad Hatter - 2022-08-23 21:50:12

Good to hear, JSoll.  I heard the same thing about water from my doctor.  Trying to keep a water bottle with me wherever I go.  

Wonderful 😃

by Lavender - 2022-08-24 18:20:36

Great update! In a month when you go, you will probably have a pacemaker interrogation to adjust settings if needed. You're doing wonderfully! Love hearing the news!

I keep a glassful of water by me at all times and refill it every time it's empty so I just absentmindedly drink all day long. I stop drinking water about 7 pm so I don't wake at night to go P. 🤪

My follow up

by Mad Hatter - 2022-08-25 15:03:44

Had my follow up today and everything seems fine.  Only lingering symptom is left arm dull ache which seems to be common to the surgery.  Follow up in a month to check settings. 

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