MRI biopsy for prostate

I have an MRI compatible pace maker but older leads are not compatible. I am an 80 year old male in good health and recently had a PSA of 10.6 which increased from 4.1 in 6 months. I have an appointment with a urologic oncologist soon and will be discussing a biopsy versus an MRI biopsy. I'm interested in any comments pertinent to my situation. 
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High PSA

by Rch - 2022-09-20 21:15:22

Hi, sorry to here about an abrupt rise in the PSA over a 6 month period. In the absence of a positive urine culture, it does need further investigation with an MRI (1.5T ?) with an endorectal coil. I had one of those myself a few years ago but before my pacemaker. I'm sure the EP and the PM tech will be able to program and clear you for the MRI. However before the MRI, your Urologist could also empirically treat you for any occult infection and recheck PSA in a few weeks. 

Prostate Disease and PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) - see link below

by Gemita - 2022-09-21 06:23:30


Rch makes some valuable points and your doctors may want to wait before rushing into any invasive procedure since an acute illness, like an infection, inflammatory process (prostatitis) or a benign enlarging prostate, may well cause a sudden increase in PSA.

My husband, 84, has a very large prostate which is prone to bleeding and causes urgency and other difficult symptoms.   He also has stricture disease.  We saw his urologist last week who carried out a dilatation of his stricture and a cystoscopy to have a good look around and to check his prostate.  She told us that whilst his PSA blood test was raised, which is to be expected with a large prostate, there were no worrying signs, in her opinion, requiring an invasive biopsy.  

Another urologist some years ago unkindly told us that most men over the age of 80 with an enlarged prostate will usually have prostate cancer, but which is so slow growing that they will in all likelihood die from other causes well before their prostate cancer ever needs treating.  It is a sobering thought, but there you are.

Good luck Rodger.  I hope you have a reassuring discussion with your oncologist and that you will be able to safely receive the most appropriate treatment.  Your oncologist may want to contact your cardiology team for confirmation of your heart condition and device/leads implanted, so please remember to take your pacemaker and medical details with you. Please let us know how things progress.

A link on the PSA test and on the MRI scan:-

Non FDA approved system

by dogtired - 2022-09-21 13:26:27

Since you have older leads , non compatable your" system" is considered "off lable" and requies a special facility which can do non MRI compatable systems.  If you cant find one near you, your only option may be the biopsy.  I've had it and its not too bad

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