New pacemaker

Hey I just had my pacemaker replaced and I'm only on day 2 but still having a lot of soreness what is a good way to deal with the soreness outside of the medicine I was prescribed 


Welcome Justin

by Lavender - 2023-03-30 18:14:50

Hugs. Sorry for your discomfort. I am a fan of ice packs. Lay it down near your shoulder not on the pacemaker but put a towel on your skin first. Only leave it on 20 minutes then 20 minutes off. Repeat as needed. 

It might sound crazy, but while the ice is on your front shoulder area, lean back into a heating pad on the upper back shoulder. 

Be sure to move the pacemaker side arm but not raise it above the shoulder. 

Things should ease up in time. My dr told me to take 650 mg tylenol four times a day. I did that only a day or two. I can't take NSAIDs. 


by Tracey_E - 2023-03-30 19:37:59

Ice helps me more than meds. If I'm going to take something, I go for Tylenol.

Yes Tylenol

by FG - 2023-03-31 09:19:13

They gave me Tylenol 3 for 7 days but I only used it for two days. Then I went to regular Tylenol. Just taking it according to label directions, it has really helped me. Also sleeping on top of a small pillow as someone else has said to elevate the implant site off the bed surface has helped greatly as well.

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