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I first found this club in 2005. I had just received my first pacer for VVS. and desperately needed support. After a couple of years, I did not come back on until I needed mine changed in 2015. So I needed support again. Everyone here was always super nice and helpful. I have a friend dealing with some problems and so I told her to join in. I know she will get her questions answered. This reminded me of how much this site meant to me and so. I am back and willing to help if I can. My problem has always been VVS. And my DR. at the time was one of the first to use pacemaker therapy to help with VVS. It has worked great for 18 years. In all that time I have only had 1 dizzy spell and 1 very short blackout. Lasted about 3 minutes. If any of you fighting VVS wants to talk or find out how I was helped please message me. I would love to help. I am retired now and I have more time. 


Welcome back Bob

by Gemita - 2023-05-13 03:46:11

Now that you are retired, I hope you will have more time to visit us regularly..  It would be nice if you could share a few brief tips on how you manage your VVS (vaso vagal syncope)?  

Even with a pacemaker, vaso vagal syncope relief isn't always guaranteed.  I have vaso vagal syncope (or to be precise vaso vagal swallow syncope) which can trigger arrrhythmia episodes at very high heart rates.  This can cause massive swings in both my heart rate and blood pressure.  While the pacemaker helps keep my heart rate from dropping, it cannot prevent a sudden blood pressure drop which can be a cause for syncope too.

How do you overcome any syncope events that may not be adequately controlled by your pacemaker Bob?  Are you able to share any tips?

You're back!

by Gotrhythm - 2023-05-16 14:31:17

Welcome again. Happily, your experience is normal. Most people only need the support for a week or two, then they get too busy living full, satisfying lives to bother posting here. That's exactly the way it should be of course, but it's nice--and a little reasuring--when they come back to tell us all is still well after many years.

Hopefully now you will be able to chime in occasionally with words of wisdom you have gained from living wih a pacemaker. 

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