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Hey people, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Chris from North London U.K. I'm 50 and I've had a pacemaker for roughly 32 years. 

I found this place as I was googling about interference from music equipment and found an interesting post here so thought I'd join the clan. 

im a scratch DJ who goes under the name of Maker. I'm buying a bass guitar tomorrow and worried about interference. I've had a little google around and it says keep 6" from chest which shouldn't be a challenge.. is if the pick up part (under the strings)  that is the magnets ? Any tips ? I won't be using a classic amp so I'm not worried about any other equipment.  

also I'm going in for a device change next week. About a year ago when I was putting my seatbelt on I felt my pacemaker slip don't my chest slightly so I haven't been able to sleep on my chest for a few years. I'm always banging it and right now I have a massive bruise and blister on it. So I'm just going to be careful till the op. But my seatbelt is always hitting it... 

I no longer stress about my pacemaker to be honest, I've kind of got used to it and actually forget I have one till I look in the mirror :-( 

also becssue I've been called maker for so long I've actually had maker put in legally as my middle name. 

anyway... sorry for the long chat just wanted to introduce myself... any advice on the bass guitar much welcomed..

PS il find all my device info and put it in my bio soon.. here's my YouTube 

peace guys 


Fellow bass player!

by Persephone - 2023-06-17 15:44:45

So glad to meet a fellow bass player here. I'm a newbie at ahem, an advanced age, so not saying I have any advice to offer except keep on rocking. I have had no trouble with amps, headphones, mics or any equipment. Then again, I am only playing at low-key events without massive PA systems. Also my PM is placed so that the bass strap doesn't hit the PM site - this was luck of the draw in my case, but maybe a consideration for discussion of placment with your doc.

.I continue to use my seatbelt pad - the need for this has diminished over time but it helps.

Best to you! Bass is a fun instrument.


by Ahilltopper - 2023-07-02 11:55:36

Hi, welcome! Hope your device replacement went well and you got that bass guitar. 
I've had my PM two years. I have a thin build, and small pecs. I got one of the fuzzy pads you can Velcro onto your seat belt and it really helps on drives longer than 15 minutes. I like the ones made with real wool fleece, but synthetic would work also.
 I wear a light day pack frequently and find I need to use the pad on the PM-side strap while doing hikes and bicycle rides to avoid irritation of my PM area. Lightweight daypacks don't have much padding in the straps.
The straps on full-on trekking backpacks meant to carry 40-50lbs are very well padded right off the shelf.
You should be able to pad your guitar strap in the right place using one of these methods. 
thx for sharing your videos - play on!

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