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So got an echo and it states: concentric left ventricular hpertrophy, moderate aortic stenosis, severe tricuspid insufficiency with evidence of a pacemaker wire extending across the tricuspid valve. ( Among other findings as well) Now this is all new compared to my last one a year ago that stated:
mild aortic stenosis, mild tricuspid insuff. with pacer wire noted to the RV apex.
Now my question. Should my lead be laying across my tricuspid valve like that? Seems very odd to me..




by Cycledoc - 2008-01-14 12:01:41

It's likely the lead is simply where is should be. With heart block and most other indications the lead goes through the tricuspid valve to the ventricle where it does it's pacing.

The tricuspid insufficiency change, may or may not be significant, depending on change in symptoms.

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tricuspid valve

by luckyloo - 2008-01-24 01:01:44

dear debbi,

i am going through this now also. my symptoms are a feeling like i have a tourniquet around my neck especially when i lay down. i have chest pressure also. my tricuspid valve shows moderate regurgitation. i have 3 leads going through my valve. the dr. is possibly going to order a TEE echo....transesophageal echo because it can visualize the valve better with the leads . it can see if the lead scarred down on the valve which would make it not work right...check for accumulated fibrous scar tissue along the lead there....this can lead to rt. side heart failure. this needs to be thoroughly checked out. sometimes the leads need to be removed to fix the problem.


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