beating in right arm

my dad just had a pacemaker installed last Monday. He's 82.
He's home now, but claims he doesn't feel any better. He told me today that he has beating in his right arm, and it feels warm. I asked him if it is constant, and he said it's not. I'm thinking that this might be caused when the pacemaker kicks in. I caled Medtronic, but they won't give me any answers, said to call his Doc, but it's Saturday. Any advice? Is this normal?


Feeling Pacemaker Beat In Arm

by SMITTY - 2007-07-21 06:07:36

Hello Anrob,

I have a couple of comments for your dad.

It may be several days to a few weeks before he is able to say his pacemaker has him feeling better. Also, he may have to have one of more adjustments on the peacemaker for it to make him feel better. When a pacemaker is implanted the doctor usually uses the "factory settings." The doctor may alter those settings slightly based on his knowledge of the patient, but it usually takes a few trial and error settings before the optimum setting is obtained for a patient. As for the heart beat he can feel in his arm, that can be from the pacemaker. Things like this are the reason for the change in the settings.

However, with a properly adjusted pacemaker your father should never know it is there once the discomfort from the surgery is gone. A pacemaker should never and I emphasize never, cause the patient any discomfort. Sometimes we think we will have to treat the doctor like you do a stubborn mule, that is hit him between the eyes to get his attention, before you can get the help you need with your pacemaker. But help is available, so a PM recipient should never give up.

By the way you tell your dad all this "great" info came from someone only 4 years younger than he and that I have had my PM for 7 years. And yes I had many problems with it until the doctors finally got things sorted out, but I never know I have a PM now.

I wish your father the best.


I agree

by Gellia2 - 2007-07-21 08:07:59

with Smitty! "A pacemaker should never and I emphasize never, cause the patient any discomfort." Luckily, I have had a very understanding cardiologist, but EVERY discomfort or problem has been addressed, to my satisfaction, for the past 25 years. Sometimes we give "God-like" attributes to our doctors, after all they save lives, maybe even ours, but also remember, you pay their salary through insurance premiums or perhaps, directly. They actually WORK for you. You should be happy with the way you feel or ask questions about it to your satisfaction. Smitty is right on! It should feel like a job well done! :)

beating in right arm..I mean left

by anrob - 2007-07-21 12:07:21

I don't know what I was thinking, it's my Dad's left arm, the side where the Pacemaker is located.

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