Will a pacemaker help?

I had my mitral valve repaired and also the Maze procedure done in 2002. since then I have had numerous cardioversions and 3 ablations. I am still having Afib and flutter problems. My cardiologist wants to put in a pacemaker and then 2 weeks later do an AV node ablation. I know I will probably need to continue a beta blocker but I would like to know if anyone has experience with this scenario? My hope is the AV node ablation will help control the afib and flutter and I won't need an antiarrythmia drug as well. Thanks for any help anyone can give

Judy S


AV total dependant

by jeanmarie - 2007-07-22 09:07:35

Judy, I did not have mitral valve problems, but have had numerous cardiversions and 3 ablations, on DEc. 15, 2006, had the AV node ablation which made me totally pacemaker dependent...I still have flutter feeling sometimes, but feel better then in the past 5 years when they first put in pacemaker, have had 2 new pacemakers and new wires so many times forgot how many...good luck to you and god bless I know you will be as good as new

AV totally dependent too!

by traeh - 2007-07-25 05:07:08

Hi Judy S

I am sorry to hear of your problems over the past 5 years. I can empathise entirely as I have had very similar problems in the recent past. I too have had 3 ablations viz left atrial catheter ablation (cf Maze procedure), right atrial ablation for non isthmus dependent flutter, then AV node ablation with permanent pacemker insertion. I still need to take small doses of beta blocker (metoprolol) and anti arrhythmic (flecainide)
to control flutter and anti coagulant (warfarin) to maintain my INR within range.

Post pm insertion I was initially in paroxysmal a-fib but over time this has unfortunately become almost 100%.
My pm clinic has noe switched off my atrial lead and my heartrate is now solely determined by my Medtronics Kappa pacing my ventricals. This I find quite adequate for activities of daily living. The big plus is that I have none of the old palpitation symptoms ie I am no longer aware of my heart thumping, fluttering or beating irregularly. In that sense, te Av node ablation 'controls' my a-fib/flutter but only successful drug/procedural intervention can restore the atria to sinus rhythm.

Very best of luck to you, and please let us know how you get on


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