Pain during recovery

Hi everyone I'm new to the club, I had a Medtronic Azure pacemaker implanted in June 28 of this year.(4 wks ago )For the first week or two I felt great and energetic, but recently I've felt tired with a sharp pain near my  left armpit area.It last for a few seconds and some times ( specially at night time feels like throbbing pain) I was wondering if anyone has felt the same during  their recovery.


Welcome Kary

by Lavender - 2023-07-31 01:12:40

Hi there! Sorry you're having trouble. Just some thoughts:

Do you hold your cellphone with the left hand a lot while typing? It can strain that arm up into the armpit. If so, prop it up on a table or pillow while you type and try not to hold it so much. 

Also, my left arm and armpit felt tight and painful for months after getting my CRT-P device. After about 5 weeks of recovery, my cardiologist said it was ok to get a massage. I see a licensed massage therapist. She got my arm comfortable again. It seemed to be a tight muscle in there or several muscles in that area. She works it out for me when it happens again. At first, while lying on my stomach, she had me prop up a bit with rolled towels under my arms so that I wasn't pressing down into the pacemaker. 

Also when sleeping, I lie on my right side with a body pillow between my knees and prop my left arm out straight onto the pillow. You know they cut muscles and nerves on the pacemaker pocket and that takes a long time to heal. 

Being tired is normal. I took a nap daily while healing. I was physically and mentally exhausted. It's early for your recovery and it won't always be this way-it will get better!

Hugs! Be well! 🌷


pain following pacemaker implant

by Gemita - 2023-07-31 06:27:35

Kary, firstly welcome. I also have a Medtronic pacemaker (since 2018).  Yes I experienced throbbing pain following pacemaker implant, as well as occasional sharp, electric shock like pain and so did my husband who also has a Medtronic pacemaker.  Often this is part of the normal healing experience but if it continues or symptoms worsen, you should seek medical advice.  

The throbbing pain for example in my case was caused by a partial obstruction of a vein caused by my pacemaker lead, but it has healed now on its own without any medical intervention whatsoever.   Nature at its best! 

Just keep an eye out for any worsening symptoms, like swelling around the armpit, upper/lower pacemaker side arm, changes in skin colour, worsening pain and report these quickly.  Otherwise try to relax, get plenty of rest, eat nutritiously, stay hydrated in the heat and recover well.  This may all be perfectly normal for you. 


by kary - 2023-08-09 21:25:57

Thanks so much Lavander and Gemita for taking the time and sharing your experiences and giving me your advice on how to deal with the healing process❤️


by Old coot - 2023-08-24 09:26:44

How long does it take to not feel tired and sluggish /.  Had my pacemaker implanted one week ago.  Yesterday I was able to walk to my mail box and home. Felt exhausted.  
'I amm74 and used to hike and run miles. I'm hoping with t month I can do that again?   The reason for PM was I had PVCs then medicated with a med that caused a sever drop in HR down to 30s. And a 2nd degree HB

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