Noony I felt my pacer too

I had a St. Jude 5346 implanted in 2001. About a year later I had the same problem.

You could see my abdomen jumping. A friend told me he kids did not kick that much.

I had a very helpful cardio and after several adjustments he got it stopped. If i understood him correctly he felt the voltage was too high; I was very thin at the time and he felt it was transferring the pulse to my diaphram. (I could be a little off on the explanation - but it worked)

I guess it wasn't dangerous, but very annoying, it would even awaken me in the night.

I am ready for a new one and I guess they are going to Biotronic this time???

Hate to let go of St. Jude's hand.




by bini - 2007-07-23 08:07:47

I noticed that you are getting a Biotronik, I wanted to let you know that I just got my first pacemaker on June 27th and it is the Biotronic Cylos. I LOVE it. I had to get mine bc I was fainting almost daily due to low BP and slowed heart rate. I am doing so much better already. The company sales reps that I have used already have been wonderful! I am hearing that this company is very advanced in their technology.
I wish I knew more about the other companies, but I hope this helps with you fear from switching companies.
Also in response to this email, when I got the surgery that set my PM to high and for the first 3 days I could not sleep at all bc I also kept feeling jolts. It was the voltage for me as well, and since they turned it down I haven't felt any jolting.
Anyway, when is your next PM surgery? I wish you all the best....but I hope I eased your mind a little about getting the biotronik it really seems like a great company!

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