strage feelings

hi everyone already put this essay on but in wrong place. Its been 4wks now since l had PM put in,had check up with doc tor, had check up with clinic,all seems fine, so why is it that l still get the strange feeling l used to get before l would blackout? Which l can only descibe as a swimming in the head and tingle in the ears,hot sweat up my neck and hands last 3/6 seconds. l'v mentioned this to docs and techs they say l might be over sensitive but it is a worry should l be more concerned or is it anxiety. I don't take any medication but am wondering if l should if it is anxiety, if so any one got any recommendatuions for herbal remedies. As l have read alot of us seems to suffer in different ways and feel better at different times. yesterday l seem to have a worse than normal bleep took myself off to A&E several hours later,blood tests, ecg, blood pressure, temp and life history all done, couldn't find anything wrong so home l came feeling exhausted. please someone tell me this is all normal


I hate those strange feelings!

by ela-girl - 2007-08-21 01:08:51

Hi, tracybroughon!

May I ask what the condition was that ended up with you getting a pacemaker? Do you have vasovagal or neurocardiogenic syncope? These are one of the reasons I ended up with a pacemaker. I could never explain to anyone the feelings I would get before I blacked out. And even though I got these weird feelings first, I never had time to sit down before blacking out. It was a feeling of almost walking too fast or everything I was hearing would go to the background and I would become very cognizant of my thoughts. Strange! Anywhos...I know my EP said that I could still get those feelings or even blackout with my pacemaker even though the pacemaker should help significantly. I also still take Toprol XL 50 mg a day as a beta blocker. I can say that since I've had my pacemaker almost a year, I only had a couple of days in March where I've had those feelings again--but I never blacked out. I haven't blacked out at all since having my pacemaker put in. And if you knew how often that was happening, that is a MAJOR blessing! When I got those feelings again, though, I was under a lot of stress--I was on vacation, had a sinus infection, had a migraine, and had girl issues. What fun.

I know some people on this site have had issues with anxiety after getting their pacers, too, and maybe that is it for you. I'm sure others will post their thoughts. I know for me it took until the 4th week post-op to really start feeling better.

Keep us posted and feel better!


by randrews - 2007-08-21 09:08:32

Man, all that sounds familier. Like Ela asked, what were the symptoms that led to the pm and what was the diagnosis? That is important. I have bradychardia and SSS. My resting heartrate got too low and I passed out while resting, hence the pm. I'm a pretty laid back kinda guy and don't really stress out much.
But once the pm was in I was calling the doctor everyday about being lightheaded, sweats, dizzy, tingling in my feet, hands and even lips. They got so tired of hearing from me. Finally I went to a counselor who diagnosed me with panic disorder. I never had this before but he told me all my symptoms were commom for anxiety. I've had the pm for 5 months now and it's all getting better. I think as I get used to it I'm not so scared of it, or dying. I'm back to work, back to gardening and have run a few miles when it was over 100 degrees. It's all good. But I still have moments when I feel symptoms and I need to rest.
Rest is a key I think. I stay away from caffeine and don't work many real long days.
If your feelings make you unable to function then medication may be helpful if your doctor recommends it and your ok with it. We all have different thoughts about this. I like the herbal idea. I had to work right away so I went on Paxil but my goal is to get off it as soon as possible.
I hope this ramble helps. I felt alot of what you are feeling, as have others, but it is much much better now.
Take care, and keep looking for encouragement here.

Strange Feelings

by Silversmith - 2007-08-21 09:08:52

Hi Tracey,

From what you say I take it you have gotten no benefit at all from your pacemaker. Do you think it is possible that you did not need the pacemaker to start with? You would not be the first person that got one and it was not the solution to their problem.

If the pacemaker is the solution to your problem it sounds like the doctor and technician needs to spend more time with you and get yours optimized for your illness.

As for medicines for anxiety I think you should let that be the doctor’s call without suggestions from you.

As for your question "is this normal?" My answer is that it is absolutely not normal.

Good luck,


strange feeling

by tracybroughon - 2007-08-22 12:08:02

Thanks every one for some comforting words, l'm not sure what my condition is called as l'v not really asked l was just told l needed it after l'd been wearing a heart monitor for 72hrs, as l kept blacking out and my heart rate was really low and kept stopping for a few seconds. I am going to see the doc this week and have also been in touch with the cardiologist, perhaps they might be able to shed some light on the situ, in the mean time l think your right Rusty rest and take time to heal.l dont doubt l didn't need it as l haven't blacked out since its just these horrible feelings.Tracy

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