One Month After PM

Hi All,
Yesterday was one month since I had my PM inplanted. Recap...rushed to ER and found out I had complete heart block. Admitted and watched for 3 days. Didn't go away so pace maker. I take Toprol 100 mg for irregular and rapid heartbeat. Docs thought problem might have been from the drug but it wasn't. So, I still take the Toprol..for rapid and have a PM for slow. Geez!! In addition to that I have 2 leaky valves. 2 years ago they were moderate. I have to go for echo and holter monitor this week. Had nuclear stress last week and will meet with cardiologist first week in September for results.

I have read here where many of you go to EP's. No one ever mentioned an EP to me while in the hospital and the first time I heard the term was here. Wondering if I should see one? Any thoughts on this? I had my PM checked a week after surgery and all was okay and I was only pacing 1% of the time.

I have had some weird feelings the last couple of days. Both times I was under stress or had an extremely busy day. All of a sudden my heart feels like it is pounding and I get short of breath..not bad..but enough that it makes me uncomfortable. Pulse was not high either time, but it felt like it. Was in the low 80's. Anyone ever feel like this? Don't even know why I am asking because it is too generalized and could be anything. But I'm thinking anxiety. Both times this happened I was either upset or overdoing.



Hi Vicki

by hooimom - 2007-08-19 10:08:01

An EP specializes in the electrical conduction system of the heart and since many of us have that problem, that is who we were sent to for a diagnosis and PM. For a time I thought only EPs put pacemakers in, but obviously I was wrong.

I have similiar issues with a more rapid HR than usual and shortness of breath when I am under stress. It has been happening more over the last two weeks and I was considering a phone call to my doctor tomorrow. I just had my PM checked and it is working properly. I am not on any medications and really don't know what is going on. Maybe we should both call our doctors?

The heart amazes can have both a rapid and slow heart rate. I found out that an "dropped" beat and an "extra" beat were the same thing. Who knew?


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