Medic Alert Bracelet Question

Can anyone tell me what should be engraved on a medic alert bracelet besides the fact that I have a pacemaker? Should I have the manufacturer and type? What about doctor name and number? Thanks for helping.


Medic Alert

by ela-girl - 2007-08-25 01:08:06

I JUST enrolled in medic alert maybe a week ago. It is really peace of mind. When you order your bracelet, you can do two things as far as the engraving is concerned. You can either have the medic alert people engrave it with what they feel is the most important information you have on file, or you can call them and discuss it with a representative. I chose to talk to someone, and I'm glad I did! If you are getting a small emblem you have 60 spaces to work with--90 if it is a large emblem. They will not abbreviate a conditions/meds unless it is an abbreviation that not only doctors use but paramedics as well--they have a medically approved list they can look through. The back of your emblem will have the 800 emergency number at the top and your member i.d. number at the bottom. Your medical information will go in between. They will only list that you have a pacemaker (not the kind--that info, will be on file at medic alert, though) and then the conditions why you have the pacemaker. To give you an idea, my bracelet reads like this:
800 #
takes b-blocker
no latex
my member id #

I also have drug allergies but nothing that they would give in a medical emergency like morphine or aspirin or penicillin, so I left that off my bracelet and emergency personnel can get that by calling anyways...

When you get your emblem in the mail it will come with a copy of your personal health history that you typed in online, a medic alert cling for your car, and a card with your medical conditions/medic alert # and id that you can put in your wallet.

I think you are making a great choice!

One more thing...

by ela-girl - 2007-08-25 04:08:15

As far as doctor name and get 5 personal and medical contacts on your medic alert account. Not five of each but 5 altogether. So, you will input your personal contacts (name, numbers, and relationship to you) and medical contacts (dr. name, number, fax, type of doctor) and you can check a box to pick the primary person to contact for your personal and medical contacts.

Hope that made sense....

In addition....

by Stepford_Wife - 2007-08-26 11:08:21

Any allergies you may have, as well as whether you are on blood thinners; and the condition for which you have a pacemaker.
That's what is on mine.
Any other information needed can be obtained by contacting Medic Alert, from the phone number engraved at the bottom of the emblem.
All that information is submitted by you, to Medic Alert, by filling out a member's form, which they file under your name and member number.
Your member number is also engraved on the emblem.
That's about it.

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