Aveir™ DR dual-chamber pacemaker availability US

Hi all,  have any one here heard since its FDA approval in July when this new dual chamber leadless PM will become offered on a more general level around the US? and will it also be offered to younger/middel aged patients since it has a retriveable function? From what I have been able to read some of the doctors in the trial believe this is doable. Br MG.


On the pms

by MG73 - 2023-09-28 10:04:55

Thanks for your comments.  I had understood that the main trials had been completed. There might be some other ones ongoing of course. I only have SND but from what I understand a dual chamber is recommended to give the best results.  The type of PM from Abbott is like you said 2 PMs that are syncronised and speak together. The battery time should be good although i recall hearing something about the atrial PM being used up earlier?  eitherway as long as they can retrieve them as they seem confident about then I hope it can be an option for all kind of patients. 


by Mae11 - 2023-09-28 10:48:18

I was told last week that the AVEIR AR should be available around December and the dual chamber features by January. I had to be fit into the schedule to have my base rate raised from 30 to 50 last Friday. My regular EP was unavailable so I saw his brother who has recently joined the practice. He just finished his residency in Milwaukee, where they placed about 40 during clinical trials. 


Aveir Dual Chamber Leadless PM

by freightdog - 2023-10-01 12:08:14

What Mae11 says is the same as my EP told me.  I saw the FDA approval announcement by Abbott on July 5 and asked my EP if that might be available to me if/when I needed a PM implanted.  He said it wouldn't be commercially available until late this year or early next year.  We decided in August that I couldn't delay getting a PM any longer so had a traditional dual chamber PM implanted about 5 weeks ago.  I'm fine with what I have but wish the new leadless PM had been available sooner.

Aveir Dual Chamber Leadless PM

by MG73 - 2023-10-02 17:15:38

Hi I totally understand that and you can maybe switch to the leadless one when you do need a replacement some time in the future. For me the timing seems ok.  The main uncertainty here besides the estimated availability has been which patients will be offer this PM. Would it mainy be offered to those that are elderly and might not need too many replacements or also younger and middle aged patients?  From some initial comments by some of the clinics at least it seems that they are confiderent of being able to retrieve the PM in due time and replace it (this feature seems to have been improved on this PM compared to earlier version) or just leave the old one in. If this is the case I hope this PM can be offered without too many restrictions if you otherwise fit the criteria to get such as a PM (SND and similar). If anyone have some more info on this or just some general comments, please do share. br MG

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