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I'd like to thank you all for helping me with my post surgery concerns.  My pacemaker was inserted in February this. I didn't join, but you were my go to!  I always say that if you don't experience something, your expertise is merely from what you read or hear.  You all are like a pacemaker cabinet filled with people who have hands on knowledge.  I trust your posts more than I do my pacemaker clinic who has made a lot of bad decisions on my part and is a bit lax to say the least!  Does an eye doctor really know what you are seeing and does a politician have any idea what they are making laws about without consulting the group concerned!  Thanks again!


Post Surgery Concerns

by Penguin - 2023-10-01 15:37:41

Hi Tony, 

Interesting opinion! I'm sorry to hear that you trust a group like this more than your pacing clinic. That is not the aim. This is a support group e.g. supportive to peers and supportive to the care received in a medical setting.   

There are members who have clinical expertise on this forum and certainly peers have insight into how it feels to be the patient but this is no replacement for personalised medical advice.  Your doctors and pacing clinic should always be consulted to confirm (or indeed deny) any of the peer advice received via an online forum.

Btw - there's no trace of any previous advice or support provided to you.  Have I missed it?

Best Wishes


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