Pacemaker question on fatigue

Hi everyone, I had a pacemaker put in two months ago. On my 4 week check up they made an adjustment which cleared up my flutters and twiching.  For the next month I felt more energy and was doing well.  Now it's been about 3 weeks I'm back to feeling tired like when I first had it put in.

The incision is still sore to the touch but healing up fine. Is this normal to experience fatique again?  I am in my 70's and maybe it's just old age?  Any ideas?  Kari



Fatigue - where to start?

by Gemita - 2023-10-24 10:10:01

Kari, fatigue is so common with or without a pacemaker and can have many causes.  The only thing I will say is if your fatigue is present with other symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness, irregular heart beat, weakness and a feeling that you are close to passing out, then this would warrant immediate medical attention.

Are you taking any medication, like a beta blocker because certain medications to control blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm can cause fatigue for many of us.  My beta blocker can make me feel extremely lethargic.

If you find there is no reason for your tiredness I would pop along to see your general doctor who can perhaps do a few blood checks looking for a possible cause.

Remember though, when we first get our pacemaker, we may not sleep as well for a number of reasons, like discomfort from the device (I note you are still feeling sore), being unable to sleep with a higher heart rate or having a few extra palpitations from being paced, or while we are healing.  It took me a few months to get comfortable at night and for my heart to settle.  I shouldn’t think your fatigue is age related Kari.  I am in my seventies and I certainly don’t feel tired all the time unless I have slept badly.

Did you go to Las Vegas?  I see you asked a question on the safety of gambling machines. I hope you haven't spent all your money.  Now that would cause a few sleepless nights?

Hope you feel better soon Kari

pacemaker fatique

by kari - 2023-10-24 20:21:07

Thank you Gemita.

My labs are good.  Not on any meds. So I guess I need more time.

I go to LV in December.  Yes, will keep my wallet in my pocket, maybe.


by Selwyn - 2023-10-27 19:36:23

Don't believe it is due to your pacemaker ( if may be, more likely, not) 

It could be due to any number of other causes

Fatigue is a very common symptom ( medically speaking abbreviated to TATT - meaning tired all the time). The span of causes is anything from cancer to anxiety. After every operation there is a period of enhanced nervous activity to cope, followed by a period of being low as a reaction to the coping .

 If you are not perking up in another 3 weeks seek a medical opinion.



by tkw - 2023-11-10 12:38:16

Good Afternoon, 

 I had kind of the same thing, They put in the pacemaker. I was doing good then the profound sleepies came back. Turns out my lead on the left side moved a bit so it was not firing right. They made some adjustments on the computer and it was better (not perfect) . I am still weak. Could just be an adjustment thing. The doc said to always call and tell them when you're not feeling quite right. 

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