Has anyone had problems with a lead moving after many years?

Having on going issues one of which is intercostal packing after new device put  in. Various settings have been altered and was doing ok, just the occasional episode but slowly it's returned to occurring more frequently. 
Getting and x ray to check then possibly another look at settings. 


Hi Jane🍁🍂

by Lavender - 2023-11-08 19:17:45

I'm sure this is concerning you. I haven't had a lead move but I'm having one that's using up more voltage which will run down the battery faster. Will deal with it when the battery is ready to replace. 

In doing a search of moved leads on this site, I came up with this post. Copy and paste it to read it:


An xray would show if it moved. May your medical team be guided to help you swiftly abd completely. Hugs💕

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