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Hi, I have recovered well from the surgery implant five weeks ago and swam 50 laps this morning. I am so pleased and privileged to have my device, I live in USA and am on Medicare, so this is at very little cost to me. 

I am 75-year-old Mechanical Engineer, who has windsurfed for 22 years. I have had two years of gradual reduced energy and strength. For my age I am considered very fit, I eat well don’t smoke or drink and exercise regularly, I weigh 160lbs. For the last two years I have had declining health issues relating to aging, I have been hospitalized three times from the ER.

Torn Rotator cuffs

Popeye torn Bicep accident while windsurfing.

Pleurisy resulting from ingesting water.

Sciatica, low back from sitting around too much.

Low Pulse, possibly sick sinus or nerve or heart block electrical issues.

Five weeks ago, at my Linq checkup my Cardiologist walked in and said: "Andrew you need a Pacemaker, I have an opening tomorrow". I went home and looked at my Histogram report in more detail. The information was irrefutable, my heart rate was below 60 for 36% of the time and I also had PVC's.  

Being a mechanical engineer type I need to know how this thing works, I have found loads on Google and Utube and my Cardiologist and sidekick technician are extremely helpful.

I look forward to learning more about CLS and the settings that will help get my Mojo back.



Welcome aboard

by Lavender - 2023-11-08 16:31:23

I'm certain with your excellent physical condition, you will soon feel totally energized and good to go conquer the world again. I don't know if wind sailing would be allowed. Hopefully you got the swimming ok from your cardiologist as you don't want to strain your leads. 

We have other mechanical engineers onboard. You folks really delve into the workings of these devices. 🤣

You sound upbeat and enthusiastic. Godspeed your recovery and open the doors to more adventures!

Thank you Lavender

by ANDREW75 - 2023-11-08 18:38:03

Thank you, Lavender, for your warm welcome. I am in good hands with my Cardiologist. He became my wife’s doctor when she had a stroke in 2014 and we know him well.

With her monitor she he was able to discover she had the elusive Afib that was the cause of her stroke in the first place. I see you have had much to deal with also, especially your near-death experience. Like your partner I was at hand and got her to the hospital in time for a clot buster drug called TPA. My wife in return has more than looked after me as I catch up with her ailments!

I hope you are feeling better and resolving your worries that medical issues inevitably bring.

Thank you for sharing

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