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After having my ICD for a couple of months, I finally got around to using my wireless ear buds for a movie on my iPad. I was watching the movie and I discovered that I could hear a low level beat in the background. I thought it was part of the soundtrack at first but when I paused the movie the sound continued. I realised then that it was my heart I could hear in the buds. My questions are: has anyone else experienced this and do the ear buds affect the ICD. I haven't used the buds again as sadly I find it quite distracting. 


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by docklock - 2023-11-09 11:53:34

Just wondering if the sound you heard was your heartbeat just re-verberating in your ear. Even well before my PM, if I laid down with my ear pressed into the pillow I could occasionly 'hear' my heart beating.

Unless you had the Ipad sitting on your ICD -- the ear-buds aren't suppose to be an issue.

I'm sure others here will chime in with more knowledge than I have. tho.

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by Gemita - 2023-11-10 03:37:37

Hello Graham, hope you are still doing well?

I agree with docklock’s comments.  I frequently hear the sound of my own heartbeat whether or not I am using earbuds.  This is what I have been told about Headphones/Earbuds:

Most headphones contain a magnetic material that can interfere with ICDs and pacemakers. Both earbuds and clip-on headphones can cause interference. We should aim to:-

Keep headphones/earbuds at least six inches away from an ICD or pacemaker.

Don’t allow someone wearing headphones/earbuds to rest his or her head on our chest. Don’t place them in our breast pocket.

Don’t drape them around our neck so that they hang on our chest.

Having said the above, I have read time and time again on this forum that there is virtually nothing in the home that will affect a Pacemaker/ICD since they are very well shielded.  

Unless you experienced other “adverse” symptoms Graham with your ICD at the time you became aware of your heart beat, I do not feel you have caused any lasting harm.   I would continue to use your earbuds with confidence, if you feel comfortable with them, providing you observe the 6 inches away from ICD safety rule, just to be sure.

Anyway, have a look at the following link from the Club which should be copied and pasted into your general browser to open.  A useful link I feel.  You might like to contact the original poster, to learn about his pacemaker safe earbuds?  Anyway, continue to make good progress

Thanks for the replies

by Graham Harry - 2023-11-10 07:41:45

The replies are very helpful, thanks. The left bud is approximately 8" away from the ICD. I thought that because the two devices have Bluetooth, there might be a communication between them. I can hear and feel the heartbeat from only the left bud. I have a pacing clinic appointment next month, I'll ask the question then.

This is not a big issue, it's just annoying. 

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