Had my PM put in on Friday. It was breeze. There was never any real pain. Just soreness at the incision site. Don't notice anything different with my heart, other than a steady 60BPM, which is dramatically different from the 30-40BPM I've had for the past 40 years. I do notice a tiny bit of numbness in my left hand post op. I'm thinking that maybe the site swelling is impinging on the brachial plexus and causing that sensation? I don't think it's coincidence. Also not sure about the bedside monitor. They throw so much information at you, it's hard to remember everything. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


Tell Us More

by DoingMyBest - 2023-11-13 12:46:44

When you tell us more about pacer make and model and bedside monitor, we can answer more of your questions and point you to some additional resources.

Personally, I didn't experience any numbness. Pain was not bad except when trying to stay off my left side while sleeping. I had to make some adjustments in sleeping habits for a few weeks.

I'm glad to hear things are going well. Yes, I agree, it is a bit overwhelming at first. You'll get there soon.

Hi postop Bob!

by Lavender - 2023-11-13 19:24:31

You sound good! I'm glad you're adapting well. My hand was never numb but you should have a one week postop wound check-tell your dr. 

My left arm did pain me for months and I ended up getting therapeutic massages which totally fixed it. 

We all have complained about not getting enough information or getting too much at once with no one to sort it out. That's why we post here-it fills in the missing gaps. 

Once you fill in your bio with your pacemaker info, we can talk about monitoring. I have a Boston Scientific CRT-P device. I was sent home from the hospital with a Latitude Bluetooth monitor that plugs in bedside. At night it does a quick scan checking preset parameters to see if all is working correctly. If it would discover anything amiss, it would let my cardiologist know. 

The same machine does a complete scan every six months. I alternate with inoffice every six month pacemaker interrogations. So I am being checked indepth every three months one way or another. 


by Bob K - 2023-11-13 20:22:57

Seeing the doc on the 24th. Everything is great. Took the waterproof bandage off today. Looking forward to a nice shower. Still so weird to have a nice normal 60BPM SR.

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