Massage gun

I have been given a massage gun as a present....are they safe to use with a pm?


Massage Gun

by Lisa48 - 2023-11-13 14:42:50

I use my massage gun all the time.

Try it and see

by Gemita - 2023-11-14 07:07:02

Jim, I see from your “repost” of your question on a massage gun that you are not satisfied with the answers you have so far received?  

I did a quick “general” search myself on this and found a member with a Thera gun massager who confirmed that it felt great but that it had quite an aggressive action and he/she was concerned about dislodging pacemaker wires.  

Experienced members felt that it would be unlikely to damage wires but that it could set off the rate response and temporarily get your heart rate up. It was not likely however to cause damage or major interference. There are virtually no home electronics or appliances that will interfere with a pacemaker, since they are very well shielded today. 

If you use rate response, it may sense the vibration from the massager if it's too close to the pacemaker and think you are exercising and raise your heart rate.

There is perhaps no definitive answer to your question. There are too many variables like the particular vibrator being used, your pacemaker settings, the location of your device and leads in your body, and how sensitive you are to vibration. This is one of the reasons why a doctor may tell you not to use a vibrator, not because it is dangerous. 

All you can do is to try it gently, and stop if it causes difficult symptoms. 

Massage Gun

by Jim.h - 2023-11-14 12:47:05

Hi Gemita

i did not see the first response before I reposted.......and ,just to add that I am very satisfied with the answers

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