Marathon Heart or Chest Pain

I have a dual Medtronic pacemaker and I'm 55.  I just ran the NYC Marathon and at mile 22 I had heart or chest pain that really scared me.  I slowed down and finished.  The pain went away after a couple miles.  Is this a concern for future marathons or running?

Thank you for your support


Chest pain needs to be investigated

by Gemita - 2023-11-17 14:35:41

Murtaugh, congratulations on completing the NYC Marathon.  Chest pain should never be ignored.  Did you seek advice "after" the Marathon.  If not I would make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you can and relate what happened.  It is possible that they will want to carry out some checks to make sure that your heart is functioning as it should.  Hopefully it is nothing to be concerned about but with the heart we cannot take any chances.

The sooner you get reassurance that your heart is strong and you have no signs of coronary artery disease or other problems, the sooner you can start preparing for the next challenge.  Hope all is well 

Chest pain on excertion

by Selwyn - 2023-11-17 16:35:12

Chest pain on excertion should always be taken seriously. See a doctor.

There are many causes, some serious. 


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