Sudden increased pacing

Hello, has anybody ever had a sudden dramatic increase in ventricular pacingwhen they're pacemaker was routinely interrogated? If so, did you find out what caused it? Did it cause you problems? And did it need to be addressed? Thank you



by Penguin - 2023-11-18 20:40:40

Hi Dawg, 

I need a few more details to answer helpfully. 

Do you mean that when your pacemaker was interrogated you discovered that the %VP had increased by quite a bit?  

This can happen for various reasons. Sometimes settings have been altered at a previous interrogation which then means that the pacemaker has been programmed to v.pace more often. Did you have any setting changes at your last visit? 

It's not necessarily going to help you if members on here chime in with reasons for increases in their own VP, because everyones' conditions and settings are different and there are lots of reasons why %VP may go up and down.

As a general rule doctors tend to become more concerned about VP when it exceeds 40% or when it is unnecessary or if you feel unwell and have new symptoms.  There are pacing algorithms that can be used to reduce the amount of VP.  Tell us more and we will try to point you in the right direction.

Best Wishes


by WazzA - 2023-11-22 09:54:33

Quite often EP's will manually increase the rate at which the PM is set during an interrogation , I guess to check it is working properly, they will sometimes even turn it OFF completely to see what your heart is doing, depending on YOUR OWN circumstances of course! However I have ALWAYS been warned that they are about to do any adjustments before they do it! I know it can be quite alarming even when warned of it beforehand! Best wishes to you. 

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