I got my 1st PM implant in 2019 and it worked great but by 2022 at the age of 75 my heart needed a bit more help and I had a TAVR (synthetic heart valve) procedure in February of 2023. From that point on all was good. My blood pressure stayed in the 120/65 range and I was a happy camper. However at the time of my TAVR procedure an electrophysiologist noted a little irregularity in how my ventricles were working. He said it could eventually lead to problems and that eventually I should get an upgrade. Well in August I had the new CRT pacemaker implanted and at first my BPH readings were about the same, maybe a litle higher but not alarming. And then, two months later approximately end of October beginning of November it began to elevate and more often than not my readings 140 to 150+ over 80+....anybody else experince somethng like this??   THANKS



by piglet22 - 2023-11-20 06:29:17


It's not unusual for anyone to get readings that are out of kilter with your "normal" ones.

A prolonged episode definitely needs checking out.

Have you tried another BP monitor?

Don't underestimate the damaging effects of stress and it's all too easy to get into the worry/stress feedback loop that makes things worse.

I take it you get some regular GP or heathcare BP checks and have any necessary medication?


by USMC-Pacer - 2023-11-20 13:11:40

Yes, my BP has changed since implant (CRT-D) last March. I also had dissyncrony and slightly reduced EF.. In June, I had a TAVR as well. Since then my DR has increased my BP meds twice. He said it is a good sign to have increased BP after TAVR. I've had lots of other great improvements which I assume are due to improved heart function. Who knows? I won't have another echo until April... fingers crossed. Now, possibly related, my diastolic BP has been increasing almost to the point that I will make another call to the DR.

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