Cardiac pet scan

I had a cardiac pet scan today! I haven't discussed the results yet with my doctor but I saw that my resting ejection fraction is 72%.  Is that normal ? I read where if the EF is too high , it means there is heart damage? Have any of you had a cardiac pet scan? 


Your results

by Good Dog - 2023-11-20 20:38:29

Your result is considered normal!

LVEF - 54% to 74% is normal. Congrat's....not to worry!


I would be reassured

by Gemita - 2023-11-21 04:42:25

Happygirl, you have been busy.

An Ejection Fraction (EF) at either end of the normal range scale, or slightly below/above should not be a cause for concern, since many factors could affect the final result.  (Operator experience and EF reference ranges may differ between testing centres, for example).  I wouldn’t read too much into this or worry about it. 

Actually as Good Dog says, 72% would be a normal result for most of us.  I would wait to see what your doctor has to say about your PET scan results overall and whether anything significant was found to be concerned about?   I know you are pre-diabetic. 

I have had a body PET scan, looking for pacemaker infection.  None found around the leads thankfully.  Depending on operator experience, our body shape, type of imaging used and things like this, our EF can vary, so a few percentage points higher or lower does not concern my cardiologist/EP.  He only looks for signs of scarring, inflammation, infection, leaky valves, blood vessel or arterial damage, blockages, enlarged chambers and things like this as a cause for a change in EF or heart function.

I hope you will get reassuring news.

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